The Revolt 2 Had Just Been Revealed

iBuyPower’s Revolt Series of compact Gaming PCs just added a new member, and it goes by showing off the graphics and storage components in a flashy fashion. The Revolt 2 is of course the latest addition, featuring an out of the usual box compact design with a transparent hatch that could be configured in RGB LED lighting for maximum

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The Revolt 2’s concept is simple; make the GFX card and your best storage drive visible without sacrificing much. From the picture below, it is evident that a 240mm AIO cooler could still be mounted – with an option to mount dual 120mm AIO coolers for both the CPU and GPU, of course. Now as for component support, a standard ITX motherboard is required, along with a dual slot graphics, a low profile memory, and possibly a low profile CPU cooler in case you require it. But based on iBuyPower’s Revolt 2 case, it is required to go the AIO loop for CPU cooling as the PSU is at the visible side of the CPU socket area.

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The Revolt 2 looks really unconventional, and there’s a huge potential to this system – especially the case itself. It is said that the case alone is around $100, while a fully configured one from iBuyPower will retail for about $2,000.

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