ASUS during their last regional conference announces the latest Intel Coffee Lake compatible Z370 motherboards. Line up of course includes the ROG series, the ROG STRIX, Prime and the latest addition the TUF Gaming.

TUF Z370

The TUF Gaming is slotted below the ROG Strix, which means it’s at the bottom of the pyramid as far as ASUS’ gaming series of boards are concerned. This decision is kinda out of place though, considering that TUF is known to be at the top of the food chain, usually enjoying its place along with ASUS’ ROG boards when it comes to both pricing and redeemable features.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 11

ASUS said that these TUF motherboards are value oriented both in features and price point. The TUF Z370-PRO and PLUS looks busy, but they’ve got custom PCB cutouts just like a ROG APEX.

ROG Maximus

Now as for the rest of the line-up, we’ve got the usual suspects from ROG and ROG Strix. First up is the top end ROG Maximus X Formula which embodies ASUS’ engineering at its finest. This is the best ROG board they’ve got out of the family. Complete with hybrid water block for water-cooling support.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 9

The ROG Maximus X Code is the lighter version of the Formula. Almost the same but is geared for air cooling.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 6

If overclocking and overclocking alone is your thing, then the Maximus X Apex is the motherboard for you. It still retained all the goodies of the older Apex, but with a more aggressive and flashier design elements.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 8

The Maximus X Hero is perhaps the lowest end of all the hi-end ROG motherboards. It’s the entry level into the world of ROG components so it should still command a higher price point compared to the ROG STRIX family.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 12

While we don’t have any word about a Maximus X Gene, there should be a Maximus X Impact soon according to ASUS’ slides.

ROG Strix

If the aggressive ROG looks concerns you – together with the price point, then the ROG Strix is your next bet. The ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming for example features a clean design with all the basic features of the Z370 chipset added with a dash of gaming.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 2

If striking color scheme is more within your league, the Z370-H Gaming should be around your alley. I personally don’t like harsh color combinations but if there’s a market for these kind of boards then it’s fine I guess.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 3

The Z370-G Gaming is the equivalent of Gene for the ROG Strix family. If you’re looking to build a mATX Coffee Lake build then this is the board to get.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 4

The Strix Z370-I haven’t changed much compared to the Z270 version (review here) but there’s no denying that this one will support the upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs. So, if you are looking to build a small yet capable rig for just about anything, then this should do it. I am still 50/50 with the tall VRM heatsink though.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 5

Prime Z370

If Basics Z370 functionality is what you need, then the Prime models are what you should be looking for. These are capable boards on their own with excellent price to performance ratio (should ASUS remain faithful) so I am gunning for the Prime to be a solid contender for value oriented requirements.

ASUS Z370 Motherboard Lineup 10

The Prime Z370-A features a “double-decker” PCH heatsink, just like what we’ve seen with the ROG Strix Z270-I. Temp conscious PCI-E SSD owners should feel more confident with this setup.

For more information about ASUS Z370 motherboards, their features and series differences visit this guide directly from ASUS.

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