SOFOS1990 is at it again with a world record, setting up the Intel Core i9-7900X at 6.01GHz (6016.3MHz) earlier this week as TweakTown reported. This is the highest 10-core single CPU world record attained with the help of Liquid Nitrogen.

System specification wise, the world record has been attained with the help of the GIGABYTE X299 SOC Champion motherboard. It’s the same board used to break theĀ 7.5GHz Barrier for the Intel Core i7-7740K CPU. Memory is a courtesy of G.Skill’s Trident Z DDR4 clocked in at 3264MHz. Other components includes a 120GB Corsair Neutron SSD and the Corsair AX 1500i PSU.

G.Skill GIGABYTE Intel Core i9 7900X 6 1

The world record required SOFOS1990 to push the CPU at 1.6v with a multiplier of x59 and a bus speed of 102MHz. At that voltage, the LN2 is required to cool the CPU at sub zero temperatures. SOFOS had the LN2 pot at around -110C to be precise.

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