Pearl Abyss announced today that a new region, Kamasylvia, has been unveiled in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now explore this mysterious forested region and take on a whole new Boss.  

The home of the Elf race, Kamasylvia is a special region blessed by the goddess Sylvia with an abundance of natural resources. A majestic forest full of old, towering trees, Kamasylvia was much unknown to the outside world. But now, after a long period of isolation, the wise Queen Brolina has finally opened the gates of Kamasylvia to recruit powerful Adventurers to her cause.  

Kamasylvia Region Black Desert Mobile PR 2

In this new region, Adventurers can acquire new quests, titles and knowledge about Northeast Kamasylvia. However, they are encouraged to train their characters before entering the new region as Adventurers below the suggested CP level will find it difficult to effectively deal damage to the monsters there. New zones will be gradually added to Kamasylvia with even more new content to enjoy. 

A new Boss “Narc Brishka” is also available in the new region. This powerful monster will spawn when the Narc Brishka Boss Mission is completed. Adventurers can obtain Knowledge, increased DP, and various rewards when Narc Brishka is defeated. 

Visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.  

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