KINGMAX at COMPUTEX 2016 showed us some pretty interesting stuffs, specifically the AirQ and the Alcohol checker which  features built in sensors that could measure the alcohol intake of a person, or the air quality around you. The yet to be named Alcohol checker for example, has a built-in Breath Alcohol Content sensor, enabling this small micro-USB device to check your own alcohol content via breathing around the small drive like a breath analyzer. This is useful if you intend to drive after a night full of party, or if you think you’re not sober enough to drive safely. It is compatible with a smartphone, but you still have to download the app.

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The Kingmax AirQ is an air quality checker, allowing you to check the Parts per billion (PPB) of a contaminant, specifically the PM2.5. It’s easy to use, and could be used anywhere provided that you’ve got a smartphone around.

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KINGMAX also showed us their ZEUS DDR4 memory kits featuring speeds from 2800MHz, 3000MHz, up to 3200MHz. A single module could be in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB configuration. The KINGMAX ZEUS DDR4 family are available in Red, Blue, and Gold.

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KINGMAX also revealed their latest industrial SSDs at COMPUTEX, with a wide temperature tolerance.  That’s all we know about these high capacity SSDs so far. As always, we’d like to thank Image Media for our coverage at COMPUTEX 2016.

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