Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, announced it will make a grand return to the COMPUTEX Taipei event after three years.

Continuing its philosophy, “Kingston Is With You”, Kingston invites everyone to step into the future with the world’s first “Kingston Future Hub” showroom and “Kingston Starship No.35”.

Kingston Future Hub

The “Kingston Future Hub” showroom exhibits how Kingston enriches the lives of users with its memory and storage solutions. There are five zones here made for creators, enterprise, gamers, vloggers and smart living.

Creator Gadgets

Creator Gadgets, with the ever-increasing demands of data storage and computer performance, Kingston brings in a personal studio equipped with Kingston FURY memory, Kingston SSDs and workstation gadgets. Kingston debuts its non-binary DDR5 memory that satisfies users’ ideal memory-to-core ratios without sacrificing bandwidth. With more flexibility in capacity, the non-binary DDR5 models provide cost-effective options that can drive down system costs.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 3

Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite, is a walk-in data center that showcases Kingston’s enterprise level SSD and Server Premier DDR5 memory, trusted by leading server manufacturers and the world’s largest data centers. Kingston launches the DC600M Enterprise SSD, optimized for mixed-use workloads with excellent Quality of Service (QoS) that ensures latency and IOPS consistency to hit service-level agreements.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 4

Additionally, Kingston introduces Industrial SD Card, ideal for write-intensive recording in harsh working environments.

Gamer Ecstasy

Gamer Ecstasy, shows customized PC builds constructed by the world’s top PC modders, alongside the newest Kingston FURY non-binary DDR5 memory product lines and Kingston FURY Renegade SSD. Kingston FURY DDR4 memory with brand new heat spreader designs will be displayed on-site along with DDR5 RGB options with 18 RGB FURY CTRL™ lighting effects to empower gamers with cutting-edge performance and aggressive style.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 5

Vlogger Essentials

Vlogger Essentials, showcases Kingston’s best-in-class storage solutions for the generation always on-the-move. Kingston joins forces with its long-term travel partner, EVA Air, a Star Alliance member with a far-reaching global route system to take the smart-travel experience to the next level.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 7

Whether it is for work, play or even passion projects, Kingston and EVA Air makes travel easy with its trusted products and services. Kingston gives an exclusive first look at the XS1000 External SSD, the extremely compact form factor offers ultimate portability that helps users save, share and transfer important files and memories on-the-go.

Smart Living

Smart Living, dives into Kingston’s embedded solutions for leading global brands, including Acer, ASUS, BBK Electronics, OPPO and more. Kingston’s embedded memory products can be found in smart home devices, drones, eBooks and educational tools, further strengthening the “Kingston Is With You” credo. Even in unexpected places, Kingston is everywhere.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 6

Bringing Kingston Starship No.35 to COMPUTEX 2023

In March, Kingston launched the “Kingston Starship No.35” experiential truck, which brings alive an immersive space exploration that highlights Kingston products’ extreme performance. “Kingston Starship No.35”, which has already reached over 50,000 people, entered the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall during COMPUTEX 2023.

Kingston Future Hub COMPUTEX 1

Attendees got a chance to win cash prizes, Kingston swag or round-trip EVA Air Premium Economy tickets between Taipei and an Asia destination of their choice.

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