Rejoice, Kingston SSDNow V200 owners! Kingston just announced that a firmware update is already available at their site! It aims to increase performance, and fix known bugs of the 64GB and 128GB SSDNow V200 drives.

sv200fw e111008aPart Numbers:
SV200S37A/64G, SV200S37A/64GBK, SV200S3B7A/64G, SV200S3D7/64G, SV200S3N7A/64G
SV200S37A/128G, SV200S37A/128GBK, SV200S3B7A/128G, SV200S3D7/128G, SV200S3N7A/128G

We have discovered a technical issue with our SSDNow SV200S3 drives related to intermittent sequential write slowdowns. This firmware update will restore your SSD’s sequential write speed and improve the random read and write performance.

I personally own the 128GB variant of the SSDNow V200, and I must say that this is a delight to hear since I’ve been waiting for this fix for months. Kingston have warned owners though, that by updating the firmware, you are ready to loose any data that you have stored on the drive. Backing up your data is highly recommended.


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