ESLOne Manila is an experience that can never be forgotten in the history of Philippine eSports and Gaming – and Logitech is one of the many gaming companies that made it possible. Inside the MOA Arena, Logitech made that fact in reality by setting up a booth outside the events area so that gamers could play and get a chance to test Logitech G’s offerings. They are the same gears used by the competitors anyway so experiencing what the PRO uses is a good way to set the mood of the gaming crowd.

Plenty of competitive and casual titles can be played using Logitech G’s peripherals. These gears ranges from budget to high end offerings, and they are now available at your favorite retail stores nationwide.

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Atlas Dawn TKL

The Logitech Atlas Dawn Compact is a TKL (TenKeyLess) mechanical keyboard featuring a distinct Logitech styling with LED backlighting. It also features the Romer-G mechinal switches with a unique keycap styling. At 6, 200 Pesos, this compact tournament and competitive geared keyboard is for gamers that requires all the space they could muster for maximum gaming mice clearance.

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G810 Orion Spectrum

The G810 Orion Spectrum is Logitech G’s take on the RGB gear market featuring a sleek yet classic design featuring RGB illumination and the Romer-G switches. At 9, 150 Pesos, this full size mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the best that Logitech has to offer. That RGB lighting is just so sweet to look at.

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G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech G’s G502 Proteus Spectrum is another breed of RGB peripheral from Logitech featuring an enticing 3, 990 MSRP. This mouse easily receives great critic inputs and we couldn’t agree more even with our limited experience with it. The styling is not my type, but the feel of the mice is exceptionally good. With 11 buttons, plus weight – balance tuning that could be set by the end user, it could easily fit any gamer’s needs.

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G633 Artemis Spectrum

Perhaps what I liked the most at the Logitech booth is this – the G633 Artemis Spectrum. A 7.1 gaming headset that works with consoles and PCs without a hiccup, with the looks to back it up. The thing also features RGB lighting, hence the Spectrum, and also features controls built on the cups for easy access. The mic is retractable, so you can retract it back if you do not require its use. At 7, 900 Pesos it’s quite a hefty gaming headset but Logitech believes quality comes at a price. We do agree.

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We would like to thank Logitech for letting us get a chance to play with their gears at the ESLOne Manila. If you want to check out these gaming gears yourself, most of them can be seen and experienced at most gaming gear retailers nationwide. For more info, head over to Logitech G’s microsite.

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