It’s officially holidays, and there’s no better way to celebrate with other than with a giveaway! In partnership with LUXA2, we’re going to giveaway 3 of their latest products – namely the PL1 & PL2 Series power banks and the S100 wireless charging kit.

LUXA2 TECHPORN Giveaway 2015 (1)

LUXA2 TECHPORN Giveaway 2015 (2)

LUXA2 TECHPORN Giveaway 2015 (3)

Entering the giveaway is simple. You just have to:

  • LIKE US on Facebook, as well as LUXA2 Philippines.
  • Share the review link of the LUXA2 product you wanted the most with hashtags #TECHPORN and #LUXA2 on Facebook.
  • Enter up to Three chances by sharing the 3 review links individually for maximum chance of winning!
  • Don’t forget to post the link on public so we could see it!

LUXA2 TECHPORN Giveaway 2015 (4)

The contest will run for a week starting this November 2, 2015. As usual, the winner will be picked from the eligible entries who did the steps mentioned above. The giveaway starts today, and will end after a week. You’ve got a full week to enter so there’s plenty of time for you to enter & spread the word! Just don’t forget to set your post as public so we can see your entries. Fine print:

  • The giveaway is open only to the residents of the Philippines
  • We will deliver the prize directly to your doorsteps or let us meet!
  • The winner will be contacted via Facebook within 48 Hours

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