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T-FORCE Leads the Gaming Trend at Taipei Expo Park

TEAMGROUP Participates in WirForce 2017, the Largest Gaming Event in Asia After participating in last year’s “WirForce”, which is Asia’s largest Lan Party hosted by the famous Taiwan media “4Gamers”, this year again TEAMGROUP  will join “WirForce 2017”, the largest gaming event ever in Asia during November 23rd -November 26th, 2017. All BYOC players and people will join together and have fun at the event site. During the event, TEAMGROUP ’s booth (C2) will prepare fun challenges and lots of prizes for everyone to go home loaded with prizes. The T-FORCE gaming series has blown gamers around the world and...

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Kingmax Releases The Zeus Dragon DDR4 Memory Kit

Built with Speed and Aesthetic Kingmax, a memory expert, released Zeus Dragon DDR4. A memory made for gamers and DIY enthusiasts. The innovative design is integrated with aesthetics and functions. Zeus Dragon DDR4 uses aluminum alloy heat sink to effectively emit heat, therefore protecting memory and extending the service life. Zeus Dragon uses the dragon symbol blending both Eastern and Western style. The luxurious etchings present the superiority of the dragon and display the assertiveness and dignity of royalty. The dragon is above all other creatures and has extraordinary power and stunning speed. Besides its shiny scales, its powerful...

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G.SKILL Releases The Ripjaws 32GB 3800MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM

DDR4 3800MHz 32GB SO-DIMM Memory Kit for Mini-ITX G.SKILL is thrilled to announce the release of a new high performance DDR4 Ripjaws series for small-form factor (SFF) platforms, at DDR4-3800MHz CL18-18-18-38 32GB (4x8GB) at 1.35V, making this the world’s fastest SO-DIMM memory kit. In addition, 3 new specifications will be added to the Ripjaws DDR4 SO-DIMM family, including DDR4-3600MHz CL16-16-16-36 32GB (4x8GB), DDR4-3200MHz CL16-16-16-36 32GB (4x8GB), and DDR4-3200MHz CL16-16-16-36 64GB (4x16GB). Such extremely high speed on SO-DIMM modules are achieved with the use of the ultra-high performance Samsung B-die DDR4 ICs. Big Performance, Small Package At Computex 2017 in June, G.SKILL demonstrated high-speed...

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Kingston Technology Celebrates 30 Years with Quality Technology Solutions

Largest Third-party Memory Maker in the World; Leader in Storage Solutions & Peripherals  Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory storage products and technology solutions, announces today that it celebrates its 30th year in the business as an innovative technology hardware provider for computers and devices. Kingston® was co-founded on October 17, 1987, by CEO John Tu and COO David Sun. The two co-founders continue to guide the company and remain very active in day-to-day operations. The entrepreneurial spirit of both owners and the success of the company have been recognized globally through the years. Kingston’s core tenets of respect, loyalty, flexibility and...

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G.SKILL Releases 4266MHz Trident Z RGB in 32GB Kit

Fastest 32GB (4x8GB) Trident Z RGB Memory Kit So Far G.SKILL is excited to announce the latest Trident Z RGB memory kit that boosts RGB-infused DDR4-4266MHz memory kits to a never-before-seen 32GB (4x8GB) configuration. Built from ultra-high performance Samsung B-die DDR4 ICs, this new DDR4 memory kit marks a new milestone as the fastest 32GB (4x8GB) RGB memory kit on the market thus far. Just one week after the launch of the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Z370 chipset motherboards, G.SKILL further fine-tuned the high-end RGB memory kits to reach even higher levels of overclocking speeds. Ever since the launch of Trident Z...

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