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G.SKILL Announces The Trident Z 4333MHz DDR4 Memory Kit

G.SKILL Announces DDR4-4333MHz 16GB (8GBx2) Memory Kit and Achieves DDR4-4500MHz Speed G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is delighted to announce a new extreme speed memory kit running at DDR4-4333MHz at 16GB (8GBx2) capacity. And continuing with the pursuit of extreme memory speeds on the latest hardware, G.SKILL has reached an extreme DDR4-4500MHz speed on the Intel Z270 platform, achieving a stunning bandwidth write speed of 65GB per second in dual channel mode. New High Speed DDR4-4333MHz 16GB (8GBx2) The latest addition to the Trident Z series of extreme...

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The Most Expensive Mouse Pad Review

Because Why The Hell Not Today, we have been visited by an unwelcome guest. A harbinger of expensive fashion accessories and hipster aligned products. It is of course, Apple – and their iPad Mini. This mouse pad is expensive as fuck at about 30, 000 Pesos. Suffice to say, that is enough to buy yourself a gaming PC with enough spare for knock-off Apple accessories to burn for the colder months. Feature wise, you’d get a glass and an aluminum surface in one shell – which is good if your aim is so bad, a dire solution is a must. If your...

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GIGABYTE and Corsair Announces The RGB Fusion

GIGABYTE Validates Corsair Memory in its RGB Fusion Compatibility Site Taipei, Taiwan, March 22th, 2017 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to announce the introduction of RGB Fusion Ready memory from Corsair. RGB Fusion is available on many GIGABYTE and AORUS Gaming Series Motherboards. Whether you plan to use an Intel or AMD solution, RGB Fusion is the most feature packed and fully equipped lighting system on the market to date. “We are very excited to launch Vengeance RGB, a new product line that not only offers vibrant RGB lighting,...

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Apacer Introduces The PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Kit

Apacer PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illuminated Gaming Memory Module After the huge success brought by PANTHER DDR4 released earlier, Apacer is ready to introduce the next-generation desktop gaming memory module, PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination Gaming Memory Module, perfectly for gaming, overclocking, and M.O.D enthusiasts. Built with advanced technologies and a top-quality heat spreader, PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination Gaming Memory Module comes with more cutting-edge designs and features, even including an LED lighting to mimic the glistening teeth of a panther to make the name more literal! The PANTHER RAGE DDR4 Illumination Gaming Memory Module is designed to be compatible with...

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G.SKILL Announces The Flare X and FORTIS Memory Kits For AMD Ryzen

Flare X Series and FORTIS Series DDR4 Memory Taipei, Taiwan – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., is announcing two new DDR4 memory series, the Flare X series and FORTIS series, designed and tested specifically for the new AMD Ryzen™ processor platform. With a brand new architecture, processor, and chipset from AMD, high performance overclocking memory kits must be validated for optimized compatibility and stability for the new hardware. Flare X Rises Designed for the latest AMD Ryzen processor, the Flare X series DDR4 memory kit marks the return of the legendary G.SKILL Flare series that provided awesome performance in the...

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