Free To Play Endless World with Endless fun

Coming to Google Play Store on December 2018 is a new hit free-to-play game called Destiny Chaser. It is a very carefully crafted mobile RPG. The gameplay features stylish 3D graphics with idle fast-paced real time fighting.

Set in a troubled mythical world where several universes collide, you will take charge of three main characters each with their own distinct fighting style and unique aesthetic: Viola the versatile warrior musician, Cruz the sword swinging gunslinging vampire, and Lena the powerful time manipulating wizard. There will be hundreds of unlockables for their weapons, costumes, pets, and classes that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire.

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As you continue to play you will gain access to more content and adventures. The party you assemble will battle across various stages, arenas, dungeons, boss raids and even against other players. Destiny Chaser truly brings together the fun and freedom of customizable features with the challenging and rewarding gameplay of a deeply rich RPG.

Be sure to pick it up so you don’t miss out on your chance to choose your own destiny. Let the chase begin!

No. 1 Stylish 3D Action – Idle RPG

  • Enjoy HD Visual Effects in 3D
  • Thrilling and Colorful Battles with no Stress!

Endless Idle RPG

  • 5x Max Speed! Extreme speed to explore the New World
  • Infinite growth through Rebirth
  • Full RPG experience on the GO
  • Easy Battle in High-level Strategic Play

Blockbuster RPG Style – Collect & Evolve!

  • Summon Unique Stylish Characters & Pets
  • Over 300 powerful equipment to use
  • Systematic level-up for your infinite growth
  • Tap to conquer Quests, Dungeons and Bosses
  • Exciting rewards and contents as you get stronger

About Destiny Chaser

Destiny Chaser is a free to play mobile idle RPG developed by Spoon Games. The gameplay features stylish 3D graphics with idle real-time fighting. There will be hundreds of unlockables that include weapons, costumes, pets, and classes available to collect and customize.

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