Losing someone close and someone you love brings grief and sadness. Everyone experiences grief in different ways. Some people will break down immediately, while others remain strong, only to be affected later on.

Sure, losing someone can leave you feeling lost, exposed, and lonely, while you might feel as though you’ll never move forward. In fact, it can feel as though life has ended, but modern technology can help you to cope with loss in several ways. With this in mind, what options can you take advantage of?

Meditation Apps

Losing someone special leaves us experiencing a range of emotions. Loss and sadness are two emotions we experience, but often stress is another emotion that causes problems. The person we have lost might have once managed the household bills or dealt with other elements of life, but now you’re left handling this alone. Therefore, handling stress becomes another issue. Fortunately, meditation apps can help you to manage stress and help you to relax and see clearly. Apps such as Headspace are widely recommended when it comes to handling stress.

Online Dating

Time is a healer, especially for younger people experiencing the loss of a loved one. With much of their lives ahead of them, meeting new people might become something they crave. While losing someone from a long-term relationship can leave them lacking confidence, online dating provides a seamless solution that enables people to meet others.

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There are no expectations, and you’ll find yourself in complete control, but it enables you to become part of a community. Over time, you’ll build relationships, meet new people and perhaps find love again in a widows chat room.  However, remember that time is on your side and to take things in your stride.


Sometimes, dealing with loss leaves you craving human interaction. Whether it’s close family friends or family members, having people around you can leave you feeling safe and secure. Despite this, it’s not always possible to have people with you physically, which is why video calling with apps such as Zoom can give you instant interaction when you need it. If you’re feeling down, making a call and exploring the support you need can make things easier. It also makes it easier for people to support you and fit it in around their lives too.

Social Media

While social media might be considered to be something on the opposite side of the scale of sadness, it’s a useful tool for anyone who is grieving. It can work on two levels because grieving individuals will be able to explore a wealth of support groups with local people or even people on the other side of the world who have experienced loss.

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Furthermore, sometimes looking through old memories that their loved one shared on Instagram, for example, can help them feel closer to them. While social media occasionally experience bad press, there is no denying its power when it comes to helping people overcome grief.

Grief Apps

There is a myriad of grief apps currently available, such as My Grief Angels. This app enables users to join a community of others grieving as well as those who have been through grief. The app brings people together to support while there is a chat function that enables people to chat with each other. Furthermore, it’s also possible to arrange local meet-ups with Grief Angels, enabling you to find real supporting friendships if those you had already have fallen apart and share your stories, all of which can help with grief.

Grief is a mystery in some respects, but everyone has their own way of handling it. With a wealth of options available, it’s possible to use the digital world to help you overcome grief and move forward.

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