MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review

Another Z270 Motherboard Hits The Lab The Z270 Gaming M5 is the middle road of MSI’s Z270 chipset based motherboards. While it lacks the Gaming M7’s luxurious features, it is a proper gaming Z270 motherboard with support for both SLI and Crossfire technologies. A feature that the Gaming M3 lacks in comparison. The MSI Z270 Gaming M5 is pitted in-between the Gaming M7 and M3 with a designated price point of 12, 500 Pesos. MSI Z270 Gaming M5 CPU SUPPORT 6th/7th Generation Intel Core i7 / i5 / i3 / Pentium / Celeron Processors CHIPSET Intel Z270 Chipset POWER PHASE 10 Power Phase Design...

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BIOSTAR Showcases Motherboards At Regional Events

BIOSTAR holds multiple launch events in Asia BIOSTAR is proud to share its unwavering dedication as a dependable brand as it tours around Asia, bolstering its presence and showing partners, dealers and customers alike that BIOSTAR the wide range of products and solutions in its growing portfolio. BIOSTAR recently concluded a string of launch events across Asia in countries including Thailand, South Korea and China. BIOSTAR showed-off its latest RACING products for both AMD and Intel platforms as well as its new storage solutions partnering with key partners to show-off the excellent feature set and offerings of BIOSTAR products....

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GIGABYTE Validates Nvidia Quadro Support For Z270X-DESIGNARE

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, is proud to announce the addition of the Z270X-DESIGNARE to GIGABYTE’s 200 Series Family. The DESIGNARE motherboard, as the name implies, is geared towards the creative minds of content creators. This series of motherboards was first introduced in the Intel 100 Series Chipset to promote Nvidia Quadro graphics cards. By placing it through tried and tested benchmarks with real world environment settings, the DESIGNARE Motherboard is optimized for content creators of all levels. With the 200 series GIGABYTE has done it again and this time with a distinctive silver alloy PCB design and unique markings...

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GIGABYTE Releases BIOS Update For Intel Optane Support

GIGABYTE’s 200 Series Motherboards are Optane Ready GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, is proud to release the all-new advanced capability to utilize Intel Optane Memory on its 200 Series Motherboards. Intel Optane Memory enhances traditional mechanical drives, and even the newer generation SSDs, and NVMes by caching frequently used applications and files for rapid access. Since its launch, GIGABYTE’s 200 series motherboards have had Intel Optane Memory ready technologies onboard. With a simple BIOS update and a 7th Gen Intel Core processor installed, users can enable this performance enhancement to experience their PC like never before. “Intel Optane Memory is...

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ASUS Announces Support for Intel Optane Technology

ASUS today announces UEFI BIOS upgrades to support the Intel Optane Technology based memory solutions. Users can now upgrade their ASUS motherboards using the built-in flash tools. Of course, only Intel Optane compatible models / chipsets received flash updates. That includes the Z270, H270, B250, and Q270 motherboards.To take advantage of these updates, users can visit the ASUS website,, and download the relevant UEFI BIOS version today. Chipset Model Name BIOS Version UEFI BIOS Update Tool   USB BIOS Flashback EZ Flash 3 Z270 ROG MAXIMUS IX EXTREME 0906 v v ROG MAXIMUS IX FORMULA 0906 v v...

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