MSI announces a new sponsorship program for enthusiastic and high potential amateur gaming teams. The sponsorship program includes the support of MSI gaming rigs, tailor-made uniforms and team branded promotions.

The application period for this sponsorship program is from April 17th until May 17th. Applicants have to complete and submit the application to MSI’s online system before May 17th. MSI will evaluate all aspects of  the candidates and send official notices to 25 qualified teams.

“MSI is a true gaming brand and has the sound and systematic knowledge in cultivating and managing gaming teams. Many gaming teams are suffering uncountable hardships on their way to success. Through this sponsorship program, all amateurs gaming teams would have a chance to be stronger! MSI spares no effort to collaborate with those worldwide gaming teams who dare to fight for their dreams,” says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director.

MSI will offer a one-year sponsorship contract including MSI gaming rigs and peripherals plus a free replacement service according to each team’s sponsored gear. In addition, the team uniforms delivering team’s identity, unity and equality will be designed and provided by MSI.

MSI will also support all teams in promoting their individual brands through MSI’s social media platforms as well as promoting MSI’s gaming products in campus events, tournaments and other occasions.

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