MSI is committed to providing a good and stable gaming experience. In addition to MSI ’s first Silent Storm Cooling technology, MSI also stepped into the cooling market in early 2020 by launching MSI ’s first AIO liquid cooling products: MAG Core Liquid 240R and MAG Core Liquid 360R series as well as the MAG Core Liquid 240RH and MAG Core Liquid 360RH series that comes equipped with MSI’s intelligent ARGB controller-MPG MAX iHUB.

The MAG Core Liquid series uses the MSI exclusive 270-degree rotating water-cooling head design, granting users with easier wire installation. The motor uses a reliable ceramic bearing with a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. Unlike other AIO liquid cooling products, the motor is moved to the water-cooled row to reduce the damage and noise caused by the extra vibration on the motherboard and the CPU.

The top side is equipped with a 12cm PWM fan that can effectively adjust the fan speed accordingly to the CPU temperature and reduce noise. The liquid-cooling radiator also has a new design with the number of hot water channels increased to 8. This expands the heat dissipation area and accelerates the heat dissipation by moving the cold water channels to the center instead of using a side-by-side design. The hot water drain indirectly removes heat energy to increase heat dissipation.

The MAG Core Liquid series is equipped with MSI’s intelligent ARGB controller-MPG MAX iHUB, which integrates the fan power cable and ARGB control cable to the same controller. MSI’s Dragon Center APP can also be used to monitor the temperature of the specified parts and to adjust the fans’ speed. You can also adjust and integrate the entire set of ARGB lighting effects through MSI Mystic Light.

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