Forge is defined as the process of shaping a metal object through heating and hammering, a magical event that turns something ordinary into something phenomenal. Introducing the MSI MAG Forge 100 series, gaming computers made to perform and serve.

Made to look sturdy and robust, the Forge 100 series took design cues from smith anvils as a constant reminder. It reminds us that no matter what, the Forge 100 series will always sit as your foundation in turning anything into something extraordinary.

The Three Musketeers

The Forge 100 series has three esteemed members: Forge 100R, Forge 100M, and Forge 101M. Decide what gear fits you best in the heat of battle, and you’re sure to win.

MSI MAG Force 100 PR (5)

As shown by the photo, users can choose between having 2 or 3 pre-installed front fans depending on the product SKU.


Leaving some decision making to our users, the Forge 100 series supports multiple easy installation mechanisms and can accommodate up to the ATX motherboard that provides peak performance depending on what our users need.

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Stunning Colors

Thanks to the Mystic Light software, the MAG Forge 100R can cast millions of colors and special effects. The Mystic Light software can even further enhance your build personalization through synchronization with a huge variety of components. Pressing the LED switch button for three seconds also grants users the ability to sync the lighting effects with the motherboard through the MSI Mystic Light App.

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Tempered Glass

On top of its increased durability, 4mm side panel tempered glass is ideal for displaying RGB lighting effects and providing a clear look of the internal components.

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Safety First

The Forge 100 Series’ thoughtful case design allows users to install/remove the tempered glass easily. Simply place the tempered glass on the stump of the case before installing it for a safe and simple process.

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