MSI and a couple of companies at COMPUTEX 2016 introduced the VR backpack concept, but no one really made it into production with the exception of well… MSI. Those brilliant bastards really did it.

Kidding aside, what you’re seeing right now is the epitome of their research and development into the growing VR market segment, which is kinda niche within a niche so to speak. That wont take long though, as VR gaming is expected to generate $5.1 Billion by the end of this year alone.

Now the MSI VR One is a top to down gaming oriented backpack both in features and design. It weighs in at 3.6 kilos with both batteries attached, and could power itself for 1.5 hour tops. The unit comes with an overclocked Intel CPU, and an Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics inside which is actively cooled by a 40dBA compliant solution. That noise level is quiet enough and is within the league of silent gaming PCs.


The VR One also packs a plethora of I/O ports conveniently placed at the top of the shell. An Intel Thunderbolt port could be seen as well, together with a Mini DisplayPort. The HTC VIVE’s control box can be hidden on this side as well, but we are not sure how it could be powered on via the MSI One. That 1.5 hour battery life could be further limited by that as well or the HTC VIVE’s requirements has been already added to the battery life’s said specifications.


The MSI VR One is a stand alone VR backpack but make no mistake, this is a full fledged gaming PC as well – so you can brag about it if you’re attending a LAN party with only a set of gaming peripherals required along with the VR One. More info about the platform should be released soon.

Learn more at MSI VR READY:

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