Neonode aims to shake up the notebook industry at CES 2016 with the AirBar “touch enabling” device. Basically, the AirBar will let you enjoy the benefits of using a touch enabled display without spending on a new notebook.

The AirBar works by magnetically attaching it onto the lower end of a display’s bezel, with a 15.6″ model ready to be demo’ed at CES 2016. In theory, the device could work on non-mobile displays too, provided that your display is not larger than 15.6″. The thing is powered via USB and it looks rather easy to use. The company claims it’s plug and play as well but Windows devices are only supported at the moment.


The concept of Touch enabling devices has been around for quite some time, but offering were kinda dull looking, and pricing doesn’t justify the extra feature it adds. The AirBar however is sleek, and since it’s using light for interaction, you could use it even if you have a glove on. The AirBar could be used to poke, pinch, zoom, swipe, and scroll.

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