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DICT Provides Telcos 6 Months to Comply with One-Year Prepaid Load Validity

Telcos Have 6 Months to Comply with One-Year Prepaid Load Validity In order to avoid any public inconvenience, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has given telecommunication companies six (6) months to adjust their systems to the one-year validity of regular prepaid load. This is in clarification of the Department’s previous pronouncement that starting January 5, the expiry date of regular prepaid load is valid for one year from the date of top-up. The 6-month period, starting January 5, 2018, was allowed to prevent telcos’ systems from crashing if changes are made abruptly, which may cause serious damage to...

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ASUS Announces AiMesh Firmware for ASUS Routers

ASUS Announces Cutting-Edge AiMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi for ASUS Routers ASUS today announced AiMesh, an innovative and breakthrough feature upgrade for ASUS routers that allows users to easily create a flexible and powerful whole-home Wi-Fi system using any compatible ASUS models. AiMesh overcomes many of the limitations found in alternative off-the-shelf whole-home Wi-Fi systems, such as mesh-networking systems. Although these systems can be convenient all-in-one solutions, they are often only available in fixed bundles, with a limited choice of Wi-Fi speeds, hardware features and upgrade paths. With AiMesh, users can create a completely flexible whole-home Wi-Fi system tailored to their...

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Globe Launches Partnership with eGift Store SariSariPH

OFWs can now give the gift of connectivity at home through SarisariPH Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) spend their time thousands of miles away from their families, working hard to provide for their loved ones back home. With the distance between them, the internet is one of the best ways to stay connected. Globe at Home is bridging the gap between OFWs and their families as the Prepaid Home WiFi becomes finally available on SarisariPH. SarisariPH, an online gifting service made possible by Globe International Business, allows Filipinos from all over the world to send electronic gift certificates or eGifts...

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Thousand of Cell Sites Affected by Illegal Transmitters Says Globe

Over 1,200 cell sites affected by mobile service interference caused by illegal signal transmitters Since the start of 2017,  Globe Telecom has detected mobile service interference in more than 1,200 cell sites caused by illegal signal transmitters such as signal boosters, repeaters and RFIDs (radio frequency identification), which are commonly used for car parking or security systems in subdivisions, tollways and in residential, office and commercial buildings. Around 60% of the affected sites are located in Metro Manila, resulting in mobile customers within the affected sites’ area of coverage to experience dropped calls, garbled lines, weak signal and slow...

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GCash to adopt Alipay payment model in China and rest of Asia

GCash is adopting the cashless payments model of Alipay, China’s leading third-party mobile and online payments platform, which is enjoying unprecedented success in China, India and the rest of Asia to give people ease, convenience, and security when purchasing goods and services from lowly street vendors to high-end shops. Alipay is operated by Ant Financial which has earlier entered into a joint venture with leading Philippine telecommunications provider Globe Telecom and the country’s oldest conglomerate Ayala Corporation to boost the operations of Mynt, parent company of GCash mobile wallet service. “I believe e-payments have a tremendous amount of potential...

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