Ahead of Computex, Noctua has launched its new HOME product line, designed for home, office, and multi-purpose ventilation. Starting with two fan sets and nine modular accessory products, the new HOME line aims to extend Noctua’s award-winning fan technology beyond the realm of PC cooling to various other cooling applications.

“Noctua originates from the PC cooling market, but our fans’ award-winning performance, quietness of operation and long-term stability are just as useful in various other applications,” says Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. “Our industrial clients as well as tech-savvy DIYers have already been using our fans for applications beyond the PC cooling space for many years, so the new HOME line marks the next step in leveraging our technologies for a wider scope of cooling demands and making them more accessible for a broader audience.”

The launch lineup of Noctua’s HOME line includes two ready-to-use fan sets and nine modular accessories, allowing Noctua fans to be employed for typical home, office, or multi-purpose ventilation tasks.


First seen as a prototype at Computex 2018, The NV-FS1 is a highly versatile, premium-grade, multi-purpose fan set suitable for various ventilation tasks, including desk and room fan applications or device cooling. It features the award-winning NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm fan coupled with the NV-AA1 airflow amplifier, ensuring outstanding quiet cooling performance and a robust, focused air stream. This stream can be fine-tuned with the included NA-FC1 speed controller.

noctua launches home ventilation product line up 2

NV-FM1 Fan Mount

The NV-FM1 is a versatile, pivoting mount for 120 and 140mm fans that can be used on desks or mounted to walls, ceilings, or furniture. When paired with the NV-AA1-12 airflow amplifier, it significantly enhances ventilation performance. Both products are included in the NV-FS1 set, which also features the NF-A12x25 fan, an NA-FC1 fan controller, the NV-PS1 230/115V AC to 12V DC power supply, a fan grill, and an extension cable, providing a sturdy, premium-grade quiet desk or room fan that can be installed almost anywhere.

noctua launches home ventilation product line up 4

NV-MPG1 Gaskets

The NV-MPG1 multi-purpose gaskets are ideal for placing a cooling fan on top of devices with ventilation holes, such as A/V receivers and video game consoles. In contrast, the NV-MPP1 multi-purpose pads are designed for placing fans underneath devices with bottom ventilation holes. The NV-FS2 set combines these gaskets and pads with an NF-A12x25 fan, NA-FC1 controller, NV-PS1 power supply, fan grill, and extension cable, creating a versatile cooling package suitable for various applications, including enhancing the efficiency of heating radiators.

NV-FH2 Fan Hub

The NV-FH2 is a more robust version of the NA-FH1 8-way fan hub, tailored for home, office, and multi-purpose ventilation applications. It features a 12V barrel connector and a removable cover for mechanical protection and a clean appearance. The NV-SPH1 set pairs the NV-FH2 with the NV-PS1 power supply, offering a complete, safe, and certified solution for powering up to eight fans from the mains.

noctua launches home ventilation product line up 3

Combined with Noctua’s existing range of fans in various sizes (40, 60, 80, 92, 120, 140, and 200mm) and accessory products such as fan grills and extension or splitter cables, the new HOME line provides customers with a trusted, modular, and highly flexible toolbox for solving typical cooling challenges in their homes, offices, and other environments.

Price and Availability

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP in USD) for the new HOME line products are as follows:

  • NV-FS1: $99.90
  • NV-FS2: $79.90
  • NV-FM1: $39.90
  • NV-AA1-12: $14.90
  • NV-PS1: $29.90
  • NV-FH2: $44.90
  • NV-SPH1: $59.90
  • NV-MPG1.brown: $14.90
  • NV-MPG1.black: $14.90
  • NV-MPP1.brown Sx4: $12.90
  • NV-MPP1.black Sx4: $12.90

All new HOME line products are available as of today through Noctua’s official Amazon stores.

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