The NVIDIA Academic Programme is dedicated to empower and collaborate with professors and researchers at universities worldwide. Nvidia aims to inspire cutting-edge technological innovation and to find new ways of enhancing faculty research as well as the teaching and learning experience. Nvidia achieve this through a variety of initiatives and programs. Of importance to this are our GPU Centres of Excellence, which are located around the world, including Spain, China, India, and the US. That includes the GeForce Academy for Gamers.

Traditionally, Nvidia’s academic efforts have been associated with CUDA and AI. However, today the GPU giant announces the expanding GPU Centers of Excellence to include the new GeForce Academy of Gaming. Prospective students can choose among three majors: Hardware Studies, eSports Management and Gameosophy, which will help educate prospective developers on how to make the next genre-defining title.

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More than 15 online classes will start next month, with many more slated to open up later this year and cover a variety of compelling topics, including:

  • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Future of AI in Gaming
  • Navigating Online Linguistics

Registration is free and all students will receive proper accreditations for transfers to nationally recognised colleges and universities.

To check out the initial catalog of classes, please visit: You can also watch the official academy announcement here:

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