Today at CES, NVIDIA unveiled new technologies across gaming, laptops, displays and electric vehicles during a virtual keynote. Below is a breakdown of our news, which is summarized in this wrap-up blog post.

RTX GPUs and GeForce Gaming

NVIDIA Expands Reach With New GeForce Laptops and Desktops, GeForce NOW Partners, and Omniverse for Creators:

  • 160+ new gaming and studio laptops built on RTX 30 Series GPUs in a variety of mobile styles, serving three billion gamers and tens of millions of content creators worldwide with the thinnest, lightest and most powerful laptops ever.
  • New GeForce RTX 3080 Ti for laptops – bringing the flagship 80 Ti class of GPUs to laptops for the first time – along with the GeForce RTX 3070 and 3090 Ti GPUs.
  • Also new is the GeForce RTX 3050 for desktops, the first 50-class desktop GPU to power the latest ray-traced games at over 60 frames per second.
  • 10 new RTX games, which implement GPU-accelerated ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex technologies. Titles include The Day Before, Escape from Tarkov and the highly anticipated Ubisoft title Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • Six new Reflex monitors and six new Reflex mice, for a total of 50+ Reflex mice and monitors to allow over 20 million GeForce gamers to compete with the latest technology.
  • New 1440p 27-inch esports displays for an up to 3 percent improvement in aiming, from AOC, MIS, AGON,  and Viewsonic.

NVIDIA CES 2022 GTX 3050 PR 1

GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming

GeForce NOW Delivers Legendary GeForce Gaming With More Games on More Networks to More Devices:

  • An extension of NVIDIA’s partnership with Electronic Arts, bringing Battlefield 4 and Battlefield V to GeForce NOW, streaming today.
  • Partnership with Samsung to integrate GeForce NOW in its Smart TVs beginning in Q2 of this year, and teaming with AT&T to bring the service to customers with 5G devices on a qualifying plan.


NVIDIA Makes Free Version of Omniverse Available to Millions of Individual Creators and Artists Worldwide:

A range of new features were added to Omniverse at CES, including:

  • Omniverse Nucleus Cloud, a one-click-to-collaborate 3D scene sharing feature, now in early access
  • Updates to Omniverse Audio2Face, an AI-enabled app that animates a 3D face based on an audio track, including direct export to Epic’s MetaHuman for creating realistic characters
  • New assets from Mechwarrior 5 and Shadow Warrior 3 added to the Omniverse Machinima library
  • And a wealth of free digital assets now available in the Omniverse launcher from leading 3D marketplaces.


Groundbreaking Updates to NVIDIA Studio Power the 3D Virtual Worlds of Tomorrow, Today:

  • GeForce RTX Studio creators now have access to NVIDIA Omniverse, a powerful platform for 3D artists to collaborate and accelerate their work across the many apps they use everyday.
  • Upgrades to NVIDIA Canvas, our Studio app that converts brushstrokes into photorealistic images — it now supports 4x the resolution and includes  new materials.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Era Arrives at CES 2022 With NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion and Omniverse Avatar:

  • TuSimple announced that it will build its autonomous trucking platform on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, working with leading delivery companies such as UPS, Navistar, and Penske
  • EV makers including Volvo-backed Polestar and five EV companies in China have adopted NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 8, and five leading automotive suppliers now support it as well – Desay, Flex, Quanta, Valeo, and ZF
  • Robot-taxi services like Zoox and Didi and trucking services like Volvo, Navistar and Plus are embracing NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform

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