Nvidia’s GTX 750 & 750 Ti are the first Maxwell based cards, having the success of the GTX 970, 980, 980 Ti, and Titan X resting on their very own success as a budget starting point for a gamer. Now that Maxwell have ripped, Nvidia is readying to launch the GTX 950 for the masses.

While there is still no information about the GTX 950 Ti, the GM206-250 is the codename of the silicon used for the GTX 950, and according to sources, the GM206-300 is going to be the GTX 950 Ti only a bit faster, but of course not as fast as the GTX 960. Nvidia and other sources has yet to reveal information about the Titanium, but the GTX 950 alone is likely to arrive anytime soon and will feature a price below 150 USD.

The GeForce GTX 950 is based on the GM206 silicon, which is the same used by the GTX 960, only with less. That said, it’s going to feature a 128-bit bus, and a standard 2GB VRAM configuration with a total bandwidth at 112.2 GB/s which is similar to what the GTX 960 offered. The difference however lies on the amount of CUDA cores, core clock, and boost clock. These will surely play a role on the latest incarnation of the GM206, but we do not have full information about them yet.

Returning to the 150 USD market is important for Nvidia, as AMD have already released the GCN refresh in the form of the Radeon R7 370, and R7 360 aimed for the same bracket.

Source: WCCFTech

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