WHQL, or Windows High Quality Labs has been always an integral part of the whole Windows experience ever since, making sure that every hardware is compatible with every softwares released by Microsoft, especially when we’re talking about Operating Systems at launch date. Now Nvidia took the initiative to receive the very first WHQL treatment with their DirectX 12 Ready Drivers, which should be available on Day One when Windows 10 finally hits the streets.

“We release Game Ready drivers at or before each major game launch. And one of best ways to ensure they possess the highest level of quality is to secure certification from Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Qualification Lab (WHQL).”

Nvidia has been doing Day One driver releases via their Game Ready Driver initiative to ensure maximum compatibility of Nvidia GeForce GFX cards with various systems even before a game launches. This is to ensure a smooth game play experience with little to zero hot fixings needed. I hope everyone does that especially the 24 FPS team… err… Ubisoft.

Source: Nvidia

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