NVIDIA has announced that two storied game franchises now support NVIDIA RTX technology, which uses AI and real-time ray tracing to deliver deeply immersive gameplay and powerful performance.

Battlefield V and Metro Exodus both incorporate support for real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS (deep-learning super-sampling). Implementing ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS gives gamers the best of both worlds: Great visuals and great performance.

Metro Exodus Gets Ray Tracing and DLSS at Launch

Metro Exodus, the third installment in the haunting Metro franchise, will support RTX-enabled real-time ray tracing at launch (Friday, February 15, 2019). Metro Exodus uses NVIDIA RTX for ray traced global illumination and ambient occlusion to add natural, realistic light. It was also announced that the game will also support NVIDIA DLSS at launch.

Real-time ray tracing has been the Holy Grail of gaming for ages. Ray tracing models how light really looks and behaves—and light is everything for game realism. More realism means more immersion. That’s why we’ve worked with 4A Games to help them implement real-time ray tracing in Metro Exodus, the eagerly anticipated sequel in their legendary post-apocalypse series. It’s a dark, gritty world and they wanted real light to show that off.

Ray tracing delivers more realistic lighting, and by doing so it adds a new tool to the creative tool bag. With ray tracing, they can use light to set the mood in the same way movie makers and photographers have for years.

The biggest contribution ray tracing makes to Metro Exodus is a feeling — a level of anxiety that creates deeper immersion into the game. The realistic lighting uses the subtle visual lighting cues ingrained in our psyche to deliver feelings and emotional reactions not felt in video games before. It is a level of spooky usually reserved for movies. Ray tracing transforms Metro Exodus from awesome gameplay into a cinematic-quality experience.

DLSS is an NVIDIA RTX technology that uses the power of deep learning and AI to improve game performance while maintaining visual quality. DLSS helps players achieve smooth frame rates with graphically-intensive settings. Metro Exodus gamers can get an up to 30% performance boost with Ultra Preset and High Ray Tracing, depending on the GPU and resolution.  Let us know your feedback so we can continue to train and refine the performance and image quality of the deep learning network via future NVIDIA software updates.

Battlefield V Gets DLSS and more optimizations

Battlefield V was the first title to support real-time ray traced reflections and has now added support for DLSS — giving yet another performance boost when ray tracing is enabled. Battlefield V gamers can get an up to 40% performance boost with DLSS, depending on the GPU and resolution. This update also includes a couple of further optimisations to ray tracing. There are no changes to ray tracing image quality or settings in this update.

GeForce Gamers are Game Ready for Battlefield V and Metro Exodus

In conjunction with the release of these two AAA titles, NVIDIA also released a Game Ready Driver for Battlefield V and Metro Exodus.

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