MGEM Philippines today officially announces the MECS 2017, or the Mobile eSports Championship Series. The MECS 2017 features 3 games – Clash Royale, Vain Glory, and HearthStone all in chronological order of introduction. No words yet if they will announce another set of mobile games.

The MCE 2017 will feature more than 10 Million Pesos of prize pool according to MGEM, which is historically, the highest amount of prize pool for any locally announced gaming event yet. This should attract majority of gamers, and perhaps will show that mobile gaming is not just for casual players. Indeed it is not, and we’ve seen it at ESGS 2017 with Vain Glory at the spotlight.


More information about the event should follow soon. We advice you to check out the official MECS facebook page for up to date news.

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