A couple of weeks ago, we got a heads up from PCHub (everyone’s favorite PC retail store) that they are bringing in a new challenger in town. This of course is the OMEGA Gaming brand that PCHub introduced this side of 2016. Initially, the company is pushing for their tempered glass cases dubbed as the Omega X6 Series – tempting cases around 100 bucks by the way. But today, they have finally added a family of 120mm case fans with multitude of lighting options into the portfolio.

There are Two main model names to choose from OMEGA’s lighting enhanced fans – the NOVA and HALO. Both fans features distinct qualities that sets them apart, but setting themselves from the rest of the RGB and lighting enhanced units currently found in the market are the price. PCHub gave us the information that these fans will sell around half of their current market counterparts. With that said, we are going to check em’ out if they are indeed worthy of your attention.

DIMENSIONS 120x120x25MM 120x120x25MM

Specification wise, it appears that both fans are almost exactly the same. But, there is a great difference between the two models – not just the looks. First off, the OMEGA NOVA on the left features a higher static pressure, meaning that they are better for airflow restricted spaces inside the casing. That includes radiators, tower coolers, and the front panel of a chassis if the mounting position is just behind the front bezel. These fans are available in Red, Green. Blue, White, and RGB models.


The HALO on the other hand features a better airflow at 39.8 CFM. This makes it a good exhaust and intake fan where volume matters. This thing will push a lot of air if there’s nothing restricting it. Now both fans features a 25mm height. It is standard, but the NOVA appears to be slightly thicker due to materials used.


The OMEGA NOVA features 3-pin fan headers, with an option to jump and power itself up via a standard MOLEX connector. This is handy for a radiator or a CPU mounted pair.


The OMEGA HALO is a little conservative when it comes to power connectors. It only features 3-pin fan headers but rest assured, the cable length is good enough for routing. It is also worth noting to add that both fan models are using flattened all black cables. Wont expect a sleeved one for the price-point.


Now the RGB fans have slightly different cabling and connectors. This is due to the RGB controller’s non-standard 6-pin power connector headers. The hub is required for the RGB versions of the NOVA and HALO so you’d better buy one if you are aiming for that RGB look. Do note that both the NOVA and HALO also sports rubber paddings to aleviate vibrations.


The RGB Controller terminates with a standard MOLEX connector, and has an adhesive back-end so you can attach it at any flat area of your chassis. The controller is 350 Pesos by the way, and could be bundled with 3x RGB fans.



The OMEGA HALO 120mm fans features LED lighting units situated between the fan’s frame, making up for it halo-like appearance. Colors are nice and bright across all individual models but lighting isn’t that uniform compared to the NOVA. Still, that’s almost exactly the same performance as seen from the Thermaltake Riings. A product with twice the OMEGA’s pricing.


Now as for the OMEGA NOVA, things are starting to get a little more interesting. Lighting is definitely bright, much more uniform and is actually softer. Diffused to be precise. For a static pressure fan this model is perfect for CPU coolers.


The light show definitely improved by a huge margin with the RGB fans from both models, amplifying the look of any PCs. Lighting mode is just a simple cycle based on the units and the control hub that we got, but there’s a possibility of user defined cycles based on the extra header from said hub.

Now as for pricing, the OMEGA HALO 120mm has a starting point of 400 PHP. That’s the RP for the single color models, while the RGB will command an extra 100 PHP. The RGB controller is sold separately for 350 PHP, but it can be bundled with RGB fans for 1850 PHP should you buy a minimum of 3 units. The NOVA on the other hand will feature a slightly higher pricing, if not the same. We actually got words from PCHub that price difference wont be much of a hassle.

OMEGA Gaming is kind enough to release Two fan models, with unique aesthetics appealing to a number of gamers with different requirements: If you need a case fan, go for the HALO. If you need a radiator fan or a CPU cooler fan, get the NOVA. It’s just as easy as that. Price wise, there’s practically nothing to be afraid of as both offers around 500 PHP retail pricing. To learn more about these fans, check out PCHub, and the official OMEGA Gaming facebook pages.


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