There are so many reasons why people track phones. In many occasions, parents, spouses, and employers are the everyday users of tracking applications. Although there several ways of tracking an iPhone, nothing beats keylogger when it comes to collecting data from a target phone.

Through the right keylogger app, one can record all keys stroke on the keyboard, including passwords. Cocospy is one of the most popular iPhone tracking apps that is known to have excellent keylogger. Although the Cocospy iPhone keystroke data recording feature is unbeaten, here are other features that make this app the peoples’ choice;

No jailbreaking needed

For most iPhone tracking apps to work, you will need to jailbreak the target phone. That is because most of these tracking apps are not compatible with iOS. The problem with jailbreaking an iPhone, on the other hand, has its risks. For starters, you will be exposing the target phone to malware attacks that can end up interfering with your private surveillance or investigation.

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After you have signed up for a Cocospy account and installed it, you will be provided with a unique link that you are supposed to forward to the target phone. You will then need to steal a couple of seconds and access the target phone to install the app in the background and delete the text.

This typically takes a shorter time than jailbreaking a phone which can take as long as it wants depending on the method you are using. You can log on to the Cocospy official website and read more about the dangers of jailbreaking an iPhone.

Track everything

Cocospy tracking app will allow you to monitor everything taking place in the target phone. You will be able to monitor call logs and even the contacts of the target phone. Cocospy also allows for text message tracking which enables you to access all the sent and received messages including the deleted ones.

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Because this tracker works by recording data, a copy of deleted items in the target phone will have their copy saved by the tracker. This app gives you access to someone’s media files, not forgetting access to all their social media activities, including private messages.

Such impressive features have made Cocospy receive recognition from some of the world’s renowned magazines like; Forbs, CNET, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, and many more. Used by millions across the globe, Cocospy is proving to be an all-rounded tracking app that can solve all your iPhone tracking problems.

Because tracking can also mean finding someone’s location, Cocospy offers one of the best GPS tracking technologies. Not only will it provide you with the place but the route used by the person you are tracking. This is a feature that has dramatically contributed to Cocospy being used by employers.

  • Companies that have employers in the field rely on GPS tracking to where their employees are. GPS tracking has helped many organizations to identify employees that don’t adhere to the company laws.
  • Employers with vehicles, for example, have used Cocospy to track drivers that don’t obey the company rules. These are the kinds of drivers that use the company resources to accomplish their personal goals adding up as a waste of funds to the employer.
  • Employers need to be discreet when tracking employees and should do it according to the law.  That is because there are some countries where tracking someone’s phone without their consent is considered an offense.

User-friendly dashboard

One of the first things that people consider when looking for the right tracking app or any other kind of app for that matter is the ability to operate it. Because Cocospy is designed for everybody, it has a user-friendly platform, not forgetting a theme that is favorable to the eyes.

On logging on to your control panel, you can quickly navigate the platform and set up your tracking preferences as you desire.


Having an excellent keylogger alone is not enough if you need to track an iPhone. That is because you can never know if the person you are monitoring has discovered your motives and is throwing you off their tracks with fake texts.

However, with additional tracking features that allow you more access to the target phone, tracking keystroked on an iPhone can give you more than just text messages and passwords.

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