After years of being a trusted brand for multimedia displays and consumer monitors, Philips Monitors is finally entering the gaming monitor market with two brand-new models.

Philips Gaming is the new product line of Philips Monitors which will be catered towards video game enthusiasts. Perfect for either PC or consoles, Philips Gaming models are designed to give players an edge in any game they play.

Heralding a new age in Philips Monitors’ lineage of high-quality displays are Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ and Philips Gaming 272E1GSJ. Available in 24” and 27” screen sizes, respectively, both models feature top-class amenities that gamers will truly appreciate.

The Philips Momentum line will also now be under the Philips Monitors banner. As part of this new designation, Philips Gaming will be releasing two new Momentum Monitors: the Philips Momentum 242M8 and 272M8. The Philips Momentum line has been used by many consumers for gaming before, and it’s not until now that the Momentum line will be embracing its calling as a monitor for the gaming community.

Availability and Pricing

Philips Gaming 242E1GSJ and 272E1GSJ are arriving to your favorite retailers this October. Call your dealers and pre-order your own Philips Gaming monitor today. Meanwhile, check out the full Philips Gaming monitor line on our Facebook store here.

  • 242M8 – ₱10,265.00
  • 272M8 – ₱16,140.00
  • 242E1GSJ – ₱9,540.00
  • 272E1GSJ – ₱15,400.00

People can also purchase these gaming monitors on the official Lazada store , or directly contact one of the partner dealers to order a Philips Monitor product.

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