PNY is a relatively veteran company when it comes to the ICT solutions, with over 30 years of experience as its backbone. Today, the company is expanding its portfolio of gaming, mobile, and storage solutions. From the image below, we can certainly see that PNY is not playing around.

PNY COMPUTEX 2016 (4)The company got you covered on most things. And when we mean most things, we mean wireless speakers, power banks, magnetic car dash mounts, powered selfie sticks, storage solutions, cables, and other mobile geared solutions you can find. There is also a slew of LEGO USB drives which is basically, a family of LEGO licensed thumb drives. These are actual lego pieces that you can stack with. I’m liking that PNY NINJAGO already.


XLR8 is PNY’s gaming series, and the company updates it with the CS2211 SSD, a gaming mice, and Two new DDR4 DRAMs namely the Anarchy and the Anarchy X memory kits. The graphics card at the back of the kits is probably the GTX 960 XLR8, and we are pretty sure that similar variant for the Nvidia GTX 1000 Series is in the works.


PNY also introduced Two M.2 SSDs, with the PhantomX SSD being the fastest one, reaching a maximum of 250, 000 IOPS (Random Write), and 204, 000 IOPS (Random Read). Capacity ranges from 120, 240 and 480 GB. A more frugal Optima RE M.2 SSD can get you 520 MB/s Read if you don’t require the speed of the PhantomX for your needs. Our visit at the PNY suite has been made possible by Image Media.

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