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Preview | Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W PSU

RGB Everything! RGB is everywhere and it would be idiotic to say that it’s going to die anytime soon. While it is not for everyone, RGB is here to stay; and a lot of gamers do really love the feature. We’ve had RGB motherboards, cases, coolers, keyboards, mouse, headsets, mouse pads and even reservoirs. Cue in the Smart RGB PSU series, completing the RGB lineup of components and gears from Thermaltake. The Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W is the top line of the latest Smart RGB PSU models. It features 10 LED Light Bulbs all capable of displaying 15 color effects including 256...

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FSP Announces 80 PLUS Platinum Hydro PTM PSU Series

FSP Group Releases All-New Platinum Certified Hydro PTM Power Supply Series FSP Group has just released their new Hydro PTM power supply series that are going to revitalize the glory of computer gaming. There are 3 different power output options to choose from, 550W, 650W and 750W, all certified with an 80 PLUS® Platinum energy efficiency. The DC-DC circuit design assures a stable power output and a tight voltage regulation. The voltage regulation factor changes within +/- 1% also further ensures a stable performance. The Hydro PTM series use Japanese industrial-grade electrolytic capacitors and are the best choice for...

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Thermaltake Releases The Value Oriented Smart RGB PSU Series

New 500W 600W and 700W Smart RGB Power Supply Series Thermaltake introduces new Smart RGB Power Supply Series (500W/600W/700W), which comes in two different input voltage settings: 100-240V full range and 230V only. The high quality line-up adopts a pre-installed 256-color RGB fan hub with 15 lighting modes. That includes: Pulse Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ Purple/ Light Blue/ White 256 Color RGB Cycle Solid Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ Purple/ Light Blue/ White LED Off mode A built-in memory function that remembers the user’s last selection is also a value added feature. The Smart RGB Series also includes 10 LED light bulbs to enhance the brightness, standard 80 PLUS efficiency, and an ample 5...

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Team Group Releases The Multi-Port WD02 Brick Charger

Unlock the Infinite Creativity with the WD02 “Brick Charger” Team Group is continuously dedicated to satisfying the needs of our consumers in every respect, and today announced the playful and colorful WD02 “Brick Charger”. “Brick Charger” is a multi-port USB power charger that allows consumers to freely build their own brick creation. The power charger has 5 charging ports and supports fast charging for 5 devices simultaneously. The body is designed with the concept of various changing colors and creative brick structures. It allows users to build a unique personal power charger that is both creatively fun and practical. Everyone...

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Corsair Unveils Carbon Fiber Case and Other Concepts

CORSAIR® revealed two amazing concept PC systems and a range of innovative new technologies, leading the way for the next generation of CORSAIR products. Unveiling Concept Slate, Concept Curve (carbon fiber) and a host of new RGB lighting and liquid cooling demos on its suite at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, CORSAIR continues more than 20 years of innovation for PC builders, gamers and enthusiasts, helping them build their PC’s better. Concept Slate Concept Slate is the future of the super-tower PC, designed for maximum system support and clad in stark sheets of smoked tempered glass, it represents the peak...

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