Der8auer, a well known German overclocker at HWBOT and Caseking – a European based retailer have partnered-up to provide pre-binned Skylake K Series CPUs. This brings opportunity for aspiring enthusiasts to own a world breaking chip by selection without buying a bunch of Skylake CPUs for you to test on your own.

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“We support the idea of an open market for CPU binning. The binning of CPUs has been a “black market” (not available to the general public) phenomenon for a long time. Often, to get a competitive CPU you need to know the person who is doing the binning. The open market has two major consequences. One, it allows anyone to purchase a competitive CPU at the published price and 2) it allows for other sellers to enter the market. On the long run, the open market dynamics should make prices more competitive as well as an increase in product quality.”

Of course, pricing will be higher, and that is justifiable for these pre-binned chips even if they already went through many tests. – Because that’s the only way to know if the chips are actual performers. Caseking already had them added to their online store complete with recorded maximum frequencies across all cores. The price premium also added extra warranty should the CPU you bought just died as Caseking will be happy enough to replace it with a chip at the same level of performance. All pre-binned / pre-tested CPUs are already delidded.

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If you are planning to order your own (they are shipping worldwide), check out this THREAD  for more information.

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