The Pros And Cons of Email Signatures

Having an email signature seems to turn from a possibility into a common standard of business correspondence. Similar to the business card, an email signature aims to share your contact information. However, what makes it more effective is that you can add pretty much any information to it, make it interactive, and, thus, increase the results you can get from it.

Why do you need an email signature? How many responses and attention your email receives depends directly on how it looks like. With this in mind, a well-designed email stamp can significantly improve the appearance of your message, adding a personal touch and making it eye-catching. Thus, it will help you get a higher rate of response and earn the loyalty and trust of your audience.

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However, the effectiveness of your stamp depends completely on its design. Thus, it is important to follow certain design rules and tips to get the best result! Apart from that, it is also important to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of having a professional email signature. That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in our article.

The Pros Of Using Email Signature

If email is one of your main channels of business communication, why not use it to share the information about your company with every letter you send. Also, it can be used in so many other ways to help your brand grow and expand.

You can use your signature to keep your clients updated on the news, events, and newly launched products of your company. This way, you will keep your customers interested and loyal to your brand. As for the potential customers, this will give you a possibility to give them a small insight into what your company does.

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Another opportunity is to use your signature to share links to your blog, website or store. Often, prospects will think twice before searching for a specific company online because they don’t want to waste their time. Give them a possibility to learn about your business in a simple and quick way! We bet that they will greatly appreciate it. And you should also add interactive contact details to allow your audience reach you whenever the need this.

Finally, you can add the links to your social media accounts to help increase the number of your followers. However, don’t add too many links. Narrow down the clients’ options to a few most popular channels.

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If you follow the tips presented above, you can get the most use of your email signature. If you do everything right, here are the main pros you will get:

  • It is your digital business card that adds a professional feel to each message you or your employees send, thus, increasing the customer’s trust to you.
  • It is an easy way to share your contacts. With an email signature, your recipients will always have your contact details within a short reach and won’t have to waste time looking for them.
  • With the help of hyperlinks to your website, you can easily and relatively quickly get more traffic and find potential customers.
  • An email signature is a perfect tool for promotion of your social media accounts. Clickable social media icons will help your audience check out your channels, which can give you more followers without much effort and investment.
  • Your brand’s recognition will rise with every email you send. A logo and company’s colors used in the design will make your brand easily recognizable.
  • Your signature is also a tool for promoting special offers, upcoming events, surveys, and other things that are going on in your company. You can add banners with a clear call-to-action to boost your marketing campaign.

The Cons Of Using Email Signature

While there are many quite considerable pros, we couldn’t find many cons of using an email signature. Thus, the points from this section are not exactly the disadvantages but rather certain issues that may arise as you create your signature.

First of all, there are a few technical challenges that you may face. For example, you need to consider the requirements to email stamps from different email clients. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other services may display the signatures differently, and if you don’t keep this in mind, you risk failing. Thus, we recommend checking out the limitations and requirements before you create your design.

Also, you may have some issues with displaying. That is why you have to test your signature before adding it. For example, most issues occur with mobile devices. If you don’t make your stamp mobile-friendly, most likely your recipients that are using smartphones or tablets to view your emails will not see it.

Here are a few other issues to keep in mind:

  • The legal side. In some countries, the law requires adding a disclaimer to your signature. This is something many people don’t like, but if you don’t do it, you may have some issues with the law. Thus, don’t forget to check the local laws to avoid fines and other problems.
  • If you don’t monitor the changes your employees can apply to their corporate signatures, you might face another problem. If the team’s signatures don’t look similar, this can harm the reputation of the company and your brand’s overall image. Besides, your team members can accidentally remove something important, for example, a disclaimer.
  • It can be quite tricky to create a mobile-friendly design. Probably you would need some professional assistance here.
  • If you add pictures to your signature, they may not always display properly. Thus, for some users, your stamp will look quite sloppy.
  • Creating a well-designed email signature can be quite difficult, take lots of effort and time, especially if you decide to do it on your own. However, there are numerous solutions to solve this issue. You can look for examples of email signature on the Internet to get some inspiration and then use a special tool to create yours in a matter of a few minutes.

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