Raijintek struts their stuffs at COMPUTEX 2017

Raijintek goes inside and out at COMPUTEX 2017 with the announcement of their latest open air and enclosed cases. The Mini PAEAN for example, is based on the successful PAEAN full tower open air case. It features support for a single 240mm radiator, together with a full blown liquid cooling system. The new case features an aluminum body, with a tempered glass window to keep gawkers at bay. PSU and storage drives are separated to the rest of the components just like the original.

As for the enclosed ones, we’ve got the stylish PAEAN looking COEUS series (not in picture) and the ZOFOS series of cases. These are compliant with the latest trend in case designs with sleek facades to boot.

Older cases such as the METIS and STYX were present as well. Seems like the STYX got an updated side panel design though. Pretty nice.

Raijintek also had something for the liquid cooling aficionados with the ORCUS AIO system. Also displayed are the RAI-D5 Pump and the IRIS 12 fans with an RGB lighting feature.

The company also showcased the PAXX riser card adapter for the PAEAN, GPU water blocks and the PHORCYS EVO DIY water cooling set. Follow us for more COMPUTEX 2017 news.