From Reddit post to the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight, Sunside Games’ Stay in the Light is out now as an early access game. It is, according to Nvidia, an excellent example of the work an independent developer could do with ray tracing.

What’s intriguing about Stay in the Light is that it uses ray tracing as a core gameplay component, not just for the eye-candy. It is also the first game that we are aware of that has ray tracing support as a requirement.

What does Stay in the Light tell us?

Stay in the Light illustrates how developers can get creative with ray tracing, making it a core gameplay component. The game also illustrates how ray tracing can change games. It randomly generates the dungeons you play. It is hard to ‘bake light’ for a level that does not exist yet.

Stay in the light game pr (2)

Furthermore, the game shows that ray tracing is easy for developers to implement, as Sunside Games is a one-man operation and he only started working on the game in April after Nvidia enabled ray tracing on GeForce GTX GPUs. Stay in the Light illustrates the breadth of developers that are embracing ray tracing.

With blockbusters such as Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Quake II RTX and Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the list, it is clear that the big developers and publishers are supporting ray tracing. But indie developers are also using it to make their games unique.


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