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Philippines’ pride and Southeast Asian representatives, Renovatio has successfully landed in Seoul, South Korea. Our boys have taken their first step on the road to the Spring Global Championships. Could gold and glory be waiting for them in Olympic Hall? Only time will tell. For sure, however, this is a must watch event.

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Renovatio received a warm welcome from organizer and television bigwig, OGN. After settling in, the team took some time off to revel in the beauty of Seoul’s night life. At -8 degrees, it seemed tough but the boys managed to take a stroll and enjoy some of their free time before the real battle begins.

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The SEA representatives have a tough road ahead of them as they will be facing North America’s Team Naventic on Day 1 of the 3-day Spring Global Championship. NA’s 2nd seed, Team Naventic was beaten only by the reigning world champion, Cloud9 during the NA Spring Regional. Overcoming this daunting task will definitely cement Renovatio’s presence in the global esports scene. But they won’t be doing this alone. They have the support of the Philippines and the whole Southeast Asia behind them.

Let’s go, Renovatio! Your region is in full support!

On behalf of Renovatio, we’d like to give a shoutout to Senator Bam Aquino, his secretary Mr. Norman Cualteros and their good office for their continued support for Philippines eSports and Heroes of the Storm. Without them, sending our representative may not have been possible. More power to you and your office!

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We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Joebert Yu and PESPA for their persistent support and encouragement.

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