Back in COMPUTEX 2017, we get to witness a prototype of Tt eSport’s NEMESIS gaming mouse. It’s an interesting mouse, featuring Tt eSport’s NEMESIS switch system. Basically, it is a patented revolving switch design with 2 configurable sides that could house a maximum of 8 buttons each.

As for the specifics, this mouse packs in the top of the line PMW-3360 sensor from PIXART with a maximum DPI range of 5000. RGB lighting is also supported with 9 in-house effects from the Tt eSports Command Center Pro software. The mouse also features a 2000Hz report rate which is kinda over the top. What’s certain though is the NEMESIS’ ability to cherry top an innovative design over a solid foundation of features. Learn more from the official product page and get it at Amazon.

Technical Specifications

Size Medium
Shape Right-handed
Buttons 16
Scroll Non-tilt
Macro Yes
Profile Yes
Cable length 1.8m
Switches Omron
Weight 100g, Mouse only
Software N/A
Interface USB 2.0
Lighting Red LED
Footing Teflon

The Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch is again, based on the Pixart PMW-3360 sensor.

Sensor Pixart PMW-3360
Sensor Type Optical
Resolution 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 12000 DPI Max
Speed 250 IPS
Acceleration 50G
Polling Rate 1000Hz, 2000Hz

Packaging and Accessories

The Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch comes in a typical Tt eSports packaging. There is also a flap to check out and somewhat feel the mold of the mouse, so that extra is much appreciated.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 1

The mouse comes with a quick start guide, a manual, warranty policy, and a set of Tt eSports stickers. There’s also a Velcro strap for cable management.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 2

Design, Build and Connectivity

The Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch is a medium sized gaming mouse featuring a right-handed design. Quality is excellent, with the same top shell material used on the Ventus X – another quality Tt eSports mouse. While the design reminds me of the Razer Naga, it actually doesn’t sport the same ring/pinky support layout.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 3

The mouse has a total of 16 buttons but you can only use a maximum of 12 – which is still pretty bad ass. Side profile suggests that the NEMESIS Switch has a bulge towards the edge rather than near the middle. This is an indication of a mouse made for palm grip gamers.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 6

As for the NEMESIS Switch system itself, the buttons are not mechanical. They do however feel nice and are stiff enough to avoid accidental clicks. Since the NEMESIS platform has 4 revolving sides, there are a number of combinations that you could try to suit your needs.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 9

Right side profile features a textured grip along with a ledge for the pinky. The ledge is helpful for palming the mouse, but is not so when claw gripping. The same thing could be said for the thumb rest when clawing the mouse. Perhaps a more subtle ledge would be better.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 7

The top shell construct is a single piece of plastic. Texture is excellent, along with a comfort groove to aid ergonomics. The scroll wheel and DPI button (profile cycle by default) appears to be well built and are easy to access. Nothing to complain here.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 5

The 6 foot long cable is braided and appears to be smooth enough for most surfaces. However, I still prefer a more flexible material – especially with RGB mousepads that tends to feature sticking out control panels.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 4

The skates are large 3 piece proprietary Teflons. They glide very well with most surfaces. The PMW-3360 sensor is offset at the right side of the mouse. This is due to the NEMESIS switch’s quick release design.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 8

Overall, the NEMESIS Switch is a well built gaming mouse – although it has small questionable design elements. Refining them is ideal to suite the majority of gamers but they are not that bad of a trade off.


The accuracy of DPI levels are tested with the CPI measurement tool built within the MouseTester V1.5. We rigged the mouse on a camera slider to check the sensor’s accuracy at 800, 1600 and 3200 DPI.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 20

Excellent DPI accuracy reports we got here from the NEMESIS Switch RGB at 800 and 1600 DPI levels. A maximum of 2% difference is not bad.


Mouse tracking performance is evaluated with the MouseTester V1.5 with a DPI level of 800 DPI. Our aim is to check out the sensor’s performance; and to look for reporting inconsistencies. That includes inconsistencies from sensor ripple or jitter.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 19

Tracking performance is generally good at the tested DPI level of 800. We have slight spikes at report counts when we flick but it is not troublesome to any extent.

Polling Rate

The Polling Rate of the device is evaluated with the MouseTester V1.5 at the 800 DPI level. This is to check the consistency of the device’s update rate at 1000Hz.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 18

Polling rate is not so consistent. We’ve seen better, but this is not alarming in any way. Lowest recorded is at 700Hz, while the highest is above 1600Hz even with the mouse configured to use a 1000Hz rate.


No two or three mice sounds the same, even if they feature the same switches. This is due to factors including the switch itself, the housing and the overall construct of the mouse. Listen to the profile below to get an idea of the mouse’s sound signature.


Your grip style and hand size will heavily influence what mouse you should buy. So it’s better to know both first hand. For an instance, my hands measures at 7 inches x 3.5 inches (length x width). This puts my hands on the small to medium size category. My style is finger-tip grip, so I would generally look for a mouse with a small to medium foot print.

Mouse Feature Grip V3

2:1 is considered the best length and width ratio you need to look out for when buying a mouse. That’s without accounting for the ledges and the top shell construct. Basically, if you want a generally comfortable mouse with a good grip, you’d want something near those measurements.

The Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB features a 2.25 : 1.25 ratio, with a length at roughly 4.5 inches and a grip area at around 2.5 inches base-to-base. The highest point of the shell is at 1.7 inches with a steep curvature. This makes the mouse ideal for palm grip gamers with small to medium hand sizes.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 10

For medium sized hands, the mouse is possible to claw grip with a small issue – the sharp ledge on the lower right of the mouse. For palming, it helps the ring and pinky fingers to be kept in place, but it is slightly on the way of clawing. It’s not a huge issue but if Tt eSports wants a more versatile design, they must refine it. A smoother ledge would be better.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB 11

Gliding performance on the other hand is excellent with our cloth pad and rubber pad. There’s basically no need to calibrate the mouse for cloth and rubber pads but I guess an extra peace of mind wouldn’t hurt.


The Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch RGB is an excellent mouse with emphasis on functionality and sheer eye candy. It is made for medium hand sizes with palm grip as its intended grip style. Finger tipping it could be called a stretch due to the ledge, but clawing it is possible.

Sensor performance is typically around the Pixart PMW-3360’s status. Therefore, if you’re used to other devices with the same sensor and you’re looking for a mouse to exactly fit your grip requirements, then this is the one to get. That’s also especially true if you’re the type of gamer that requires more options for your right hand to use.

Over all, the Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch is one excellent and innovative gaming mouse. It’s not perfect but what it brought to table is more than enough to vouch for its lesser qualities. That includes a mighty $50 price point for a mouse filled with features. A gold, in my book.

Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch Mouse


Over all, the Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch is one excellent and innovative gaming mouse. It’s not perfect but what it brought to table is more than enough to vouch for its lesser qualities. That includes a mighty $50 price point for a mouse filled with features. A gold, in my book.

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