In an attempt to change the landscape of the gaming community, ROCCAT just launched its online 3D Printing Library, where gamers with access to 3D Printers could download the files to print designs for the ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mice. Dubbed simply as the “ROCCAT 3D Print Library”, the website aims to help users of the Nyth Gaming Mice to change the color, style and shape of any buttons; pick the buttons that best suit a play style, or order with a few simple clicks from their partner site – Shapeways, if a 3D Printer is no where to be found.

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Initially, the ROCCAT Online 3D Print Library only features 3D models for the Nyth Modular Gaming Mice, and there’s already a huge number of them available from the library and Shapeways. That includes a ton of button configurations and even a simple faceplate where you could etch your name on it. ROCCAT also said that if you have downloaded the 3D files, there’s no stopping you from playing with it so have it your way.

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There is also a possibility that ROCCAT will release 3D models of their other peripherals as the 3D Library could potentially invite ROCCAT owners to customize their current gears. We do hope that ROCCAT will not stop with the Nyth alone, as the potential is really huge. For more info about the release, read the PR below. Follow ROCCAT at Facebook

ROCCAT Launches Online 3D Printing Library

Hamburg/Seattle, 31 August 2015 – On the heels of ROCCAT’s release of the highly anticipated,deeply modular Nyth MMO gaming mouse, ROCCAT brings even more customization to the table. Equipped with 33 spare buttons, the Nyth easily transitioning from an MMO setup into an FPS or MOBA-centric piece of gaming gear thanks to its interchangeable side buttons and sideparts. In it’s out of the box configuration the Nyth offers 36.738 different combinations.

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Not content to stop there, ROCCAT now provides a massive online 3D printing library with near endless options to customize your Nyth. Color, style and shape, pick the buttons that best suit your style, and order with a few simple clicks. ROCCAT has teamed up with Shapeways, the leading 3D printing service in the world, to ensure premium quality spare parts and swift worldwide shipping. Shapeways already prints and ships more than 120,000 3D printed products every month, using the most advanced 3D printers available anywhere.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Roccat to empower gaming enthusiasts to create custom, personalized buttons for their Nyth,” said Charlie Maddock, Director of Business Development at Shapeways. “One of the most powerful aspects of 3D printing is the ability to enable enthusiast communities to come together and create products that showcase their passion. We’re excited to see what the Roccat community comes up with as we continue to work together.”

Says René Korte, founder and CEO of ROCCAT, “Shapeways is the perfect partner for us when it comes to 3D printing. Our designers create new buttons continuously and we want to be absolutely sure they work when printed. If you order a button set from our website it is ROCCAT approved and Shapeways makes certain our quality standards are met.”

Starting out, the library contains 10 button set varieties users can order in various colors. This library will grow swiftly as ROCCAT adds more buttons continuously. A full set of buttons starts at 13USD, plus shipping fee depending on the country.



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