Synology has announced the launch of its new HAS5300 series 3.5″ SAS hard drives to meet growing demand for high-capacity, high-performance, and resilient storage systems in enterprise environments.

Available in 16TB, 12TB, and 8TB models, the HAS5300 drives are the latest addition to Synology’s range of enterprise hard drives, following the release of the HAT5300 series SATA drives in January. They are perfect companions to Synology’s high-performance and highly scalable SA and UC series storage solutions.

High performance for mission-critical workloads

With support for 550 TB/year workloads and rated for a 2.5 million hours mean time to failure (MTTF), HAS5300 SAS drives are built to deliver consistent and class-leading performance in the most intense environments. Persistent write cache technology further helps ensure data integrity for your mission-critical applications.

Synology HAS5300 PR 1

Leveraging the SAS protocol, Synology HAS5300 drives allow customers to scale up to 180 drives on the high-performance Synology SA series or to maximize iSCSI system availability with the dual controller setup on the UC3200 active-active IP SAN. The drives also support fast data transfer for data-intensive configurations.

Engineered to boost performance on Synology systems

More than 200,000 hours of compatibility and stress testing of the three models on Synology systems ensure that HAS5300 series drives offer unparalleled reliability and integration with Synology deployments, helping customers create thoroughly validated and dependable storage setups.

The HAS5300 series was optimized during development to ensure optimal compatibility and the best possible performance with Synology systems, most notably achieving a significant improvement in RAID rebuild performance.

HAS5300 drive firmware updates will be shipped together with the latest updates for Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, reducing IT teams’ maintenance workload and ensuring that your system always runs the newest software. The HAS5300 series comes with Synology’s 5-year limited warranty.

Available today from Synology resellers

The 16 TB, 12 TB and 8 TB HAS5300 drives are available for purchase starting today from Synology resellers globally.

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