Synology today announced the general availability of Surveillance Station 9.0, the latest update to its cornerstone solution for comprehensive and scalable surveillance. Together with the on-premises offering, Synology is also introducing C2 Surveillance, a companion cloud service for footage backup and sharing.

“With over 500,000 active installations and more than 2.5 million cameras managed, Surveillance Station has earned its spot as one of the most popular and trusted VMS solutions among both private and enterprise customers,” said Tony Lin, product manager for surveillance at Synology. “Today’s releases embody our commitment to continuously upgrading the capabilities of our existing products and preparing them for increasingly complex implementations.”

Every second counts

Designed for larger and more sophisticated deployments, Surveillance Station 9.0 features a redesigned user interface that seamlessly blends camera feeds, maps, playback controls, and alerts into a single dashboard to boost situational awareness.

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Users can now set up hundreds of cameras within minutes using the new streamlined wizard that enables batch configuration by either importing a prepopulated spreadsheet or by copying settings from already deployed cameras.

Secure and private

Surveillance Station 9.0 enables businesses to add a separate layer of encryption to recorded footage for added protection in case the NVR, drives, or administrative credentials are compromised or stolen. Video streams and management data can also be ingested over the encrypted SRTP/HTTPS protocol to maximize privacy and protection against insider attacks.

Remote update management for online and offline recording servers in Centralized Management System (CMS) makes it simpler to keep multi-site deployments secure and resilient, ensuring that all devices receive the latest security patches and functionality improvements.

“As we release yet another iteration of one of our signature products, we are proud to say that users large and small will find securing their premises an altogether more pleasant and integrated experience,” Lin said. “In Surveillance Station 9.0, everything is simply more within reach.”

Cloud-supported data protection

Taking protection a step further, Surveillance Station 9.0 supports dual recording to stream surveillance footage simultaneously to C2 Surveillance. Designed specifically to minimize potential data loss to mere seconds, C2 Surveillance ensures that footage is always accessible, even after a catastrophic event or in case of theft of systems from the premises they protect.

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The new service’s online portal allows users to review recordings from anywhere, without requiring restoration of large amounts of data from a backup server and, if required, to share clips with authorities efficiently, whether or not the recording server is still available and functioning.

“C2 Surveillance protects surveillance footage when it is most vulnerable,” Lin said. “Home users and businesses can now achieve peace of mind without investing in costly and complicated solutions — complete data protection is really just a click away.”


Surveillance Station 9.0 is available starting today for all Synology systems. C2 Surveillance launches today with plans starting from US$1 per month for each camera. Users will be able to try the service free of charge until October 31, 2022.

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