Taxumo steps in to offer crucial assistance to online merchants grappling with the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) recent tax mandates and extended deadlines.

In response to the BIR’s efforts to formalize tax responsibilities for online sellers, including the latest extension detailed in RMC No. 55-2024, Taxumo is dedicated to streamlining the tax compliance journey. Their aim is to alleviate the burden on entrepreneurs, enabling them to concentrate on business growth without the added pressure of deciphering intricate tax regulations.

Recognizing the intimidating nature of tax obligations, Taxumo is committed to simplifying the process for online sellers. They are providing a complimentary Tax 101 session tailored specifically to help these entrepreneurs grasp the fundamentals of tax compliance. Topics covered include issuing receipts, understanding the 1% withholding tax, and selecting the most economically viable tax rate options, whether for Non-VAT or VAT entities. Additionally, they’ll delve into the choice between the 8% or graduated tax rate and advise on deduction methods (OSD or Itemized).

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Free Tax Education

Taxumo’s Tax 101 sessions are designed to arm online sellers with the knowledge and resources needed to manage their tax obligations confidently. Ginger Arboleda, Co-Founder at Taxumo, emphasized, “We recognize that many online sellers find taxes overwhelming, and some are hesitant to register their businesses with the BIR. Our objective is to break down these barriers by offering clear, easy-to-follow tax guidance that fosters the growth and resilience of online businesses.”

Reserve Your Free Tax Session Today

Online sellers keen to benefit from this complimentary resource can schedule their Tax 101 session directly through this calendar link. These informative sessions will address crucial topics such as fundamental tax principles, accurate form filing based on the seller’s tax profile, and strategic approaches to tax compliance.

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