TEAMGROUP is almost 20 years old, and that is not an easy feat to achieve in this ever changing landscape called ICT. At COMPUTEX 2016, we stumbled upon their suite at Nangnang Hall, and received a chunky amount of tour through their vast storage portfolio.

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No booth babes here my friends – just plain good old storage love inside the suite with well categorized setups for each portfolio. The displays for example, features the latest and current in TEAM GROUP’s products, with emphasis on the market segments. The L7 EVO SSD for example, is one of TEAM GROUP’s midrange SSD, filing under the MLC flash with 120 GB and 240 GB flavors. We have one here for review so stay tuned for that one.

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The storage company is not leaving the volatile memory market anytime soon, with the release of high frequency kits for both the DDR3 and DDR4 platforms. The TEAM GROUP T-Force Xtreem for example, is a 4133 MHz touting beast, with a special settings for an ASROCK Z170 OC Formula motherboard to enable it to run at 4266 MHz. The kit is available in lower frequencies with 8 to 16 GB flavors.

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The TEAM GROUP T-Force Night Hawk is the company’s take at the LED enhanced memory kits, featuring an aggressive styling that should fit gaming boards very well in aesthetics. It has only been, thus far, revealed at COMPUTEX 2016.

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The T-Force is basically TEAM GROUP’s gaming brand, and the company is committed to bring affordability with it. The T-Force gaming bundle is an example, which is basically an SSD +  RAM Kit bundle. We heard from TEAM GROUP that they are still discussing the pricing, and they are aiming to put the T-Force competitively at the market.

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The company has a vast portfolio of storage products, and DRAMs are a plenty. The company has no sign of stopping production of DDR3 models too which is a good thing for those who are still rocking a DDR3 platform.

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Of course, innovation is also the forefront of TEAM GROUP and they have shown us a few of those inside COMPUTEX 2016. For example, there is the iNFiNiTE card that enables you to mirror, control your phone, and transfer files using your PC wirelessly.

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TEAM GROUP is also introducing mobile and Apple based storage products, with power banks, storage extenders, extensions, and DIY wireless charging kits. The TEAM GROUP MoStash for example, is an external storage drive for Apple devices that functions as a stylish stand too.

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TEAM GROUP is a company that excels in storage, and they continue to do their best within their expertise. Expect more storage based products from them in the near future.

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