Spot in Heroes Global Circuit Fall at BlizzCon 2016

A big congratulations goes to Team Philippines, Imperium Pro Team, as they bagged the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship Southeast Asia Regional last September 24, 2016 at Pantip eSports Arena, Bangkok, Thailand. IPT went up against top contender Singapore’s Resurgence in the finals of the SEA Regional and walked away winners with a 3-0 score. They will be representing the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region in the upcoming Heroes Global Circuit Fall Championship in BlizzCon 2016 at Anaheim, USA where the world stage is set and a US$ 1,000,000 prize pool awaits. Whatever the future holds for these bright stars, their fans and countrymen are rooting for them. Good luck!


The SEA Regional brought together the best teams from the National Finals of Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in one grand battle arena where only one could come out a winner. In the first round, Resurgence and Imperium Pro Team fought Black Sheep 5 from Malaysia and Playstomp Gaming from Thailand respectively – with both teams coming out on top unscathed with a score of 2-0. Tensions soared in the second round, when Resurgence and Imperium Pro Team finally faced off. Their match at the Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen maps ended with IPT on top and no wins for Resurgence – dropping them in the losers bracket.


Meanwhile in the losers bracket, Playstomp Gaming took on Black Sheep 5 in order to face Resurgence and achieve redemption. Though PSG won 2-0 against BS5, they could not overcome Resurgence. Their success in the losers bracket gave Resurgence brand new hope at bagging the SEA Regional championship.

Being in strict competition since HGC Spring, Imperium Pro Team and Resurgence went all-out in what could be their final match up in this season in the grand finals. The second match in the best of five series took place in the Dragon Shire map. IPT made good use of their split push strategy leaving the Dragon Knight to devastate one line and while the rest of the team took down another lane. This greatly paid off as they left Resurgence no room to catch up in structures and kills and giving them their first win.


The final match was set in Infernal Shrines. IPT seemed to have the upper hand when they secured multiple Punishers breaking down structure after structure. However, Resurgence pulled out all the stops in setting up their defensive wall. They even claimed a Punisher of their own after taking down four men from IPT. A crucial clash at the gates of the Resurgence top lane nearly took down IPT’s offensive with their warrior Stronger dropping very low in health. But a save from Mirr on Rehgar brought the attack back on track. The final fight for the Punisher sealed the deal for Resurgence. IPR swept four men from Resurgence and combined this with the Punisher’s march to the core to get that sweet victory.

The Fall Championship SEA Regional was a well fought and well deserved victory for Imperium Pro Team. Though their fate of Imperium Pro Team in the world stage is uncertain, for sure fans and supporters will be tuning in to the Heroes Global Circuit Fall Championship at BlizzCon 2016 to cheer for the nation and the region’s shining star.


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