In addition to the overclocking DDR5 gaming memory market, TEAMGROUP has set its sights on the burgeoning laptop market in this era of increasing remote and mobile work. Today TEAMGROUP has released the ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Standard Memory, which runs at the all-new ultra-high clock speed of 4,800MHz and comes in both single and dual-channel kits. The ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Standard Memory is the perfect choice for laptop users looking for an impressive performance upgrade without hassle.

The ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory operates at the standard DDR5 memory frequency of 4,800MHz, which is up to 50% higher than DDR4’s maximum of 3,200MHz. Furthermore, the standard operating voltage of DDR5 is 1.1V, a reduction from the 1.2V in DDR4 that can substantially reduce power consumption and extend standby times of laptops.

These major improvements in performance and power efficiency greatly enhance the convenience of laptop use on the go. DDR5 also has twice the burst length of DDR4, significantly increasing the amount of data that can be accessed in a single burst. Furthermore, DDR5 is equipped with unique Same-Bank Refresh command, allowing simultaneous data processing in multiple banks. Upgrading your laptop to DDR5 memory will significantly boost operating efficiency and storage performance, fully meeting your multitasking needs.

Price and Availability

TEAMGROUP offers a full range of specifications for its ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory to suit a variety of laptop configurations and user needs, including capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB in both single and dual-channel kits. The ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory will first be available on Amazon and Newegg in North America in mid-April 2022.

Product Specifications MSRP (USD) Estimated Release Period
TEAMGROUP ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 4,800MHz Single-channel 1X8GB 69.99 Mid-April, 2022
1X16GB 139.99
1X32GB 275.99
Dual-channel 2X8GB 139.99
2X16GB 279.99
2X32GB 549.99

TEAMGROUP plans to make the ELITE SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory support the Intel NUC platform, Mini-ITX motherboards, and other mini-PC devices in the future, expanding the market for SO-DIMM memory applications with ultra-fast clock speeds, power-saving features, and highly stable performance.

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