The Top Free VPN Services For Your Consideration

Learn to use a FREE VPN Now For Science! VPN or Virtual Private Networks existed way back even before the internet became a world wide necessity. Initially deployed for government and business sectors, VPN is their go to network solution to keep themselves secure on...


How to Rename Your PC Under Windows 10

While it is not detrimental to rename your PC in any way, it is still important to consider it if you're working on a large workgroup or networks. I always make sure to do it after building a new PC, and has become a habitual task that I shall never forget. It is...


15K PHP Budget Gaming PC Build – Q4 2016

Overwatch Capable Budget Gaming PC The title says it all - A budget gaming PC around 15K PHP capable of handling titles at modest settings under 1080P with frame rate hoovering around 60+ FPS as our main concern. 15K PHP will actually net you a Radeon RX 480, or a GTX...


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