Today, VR and AR technologies are being introduced into the gambling industry: they integrate the virtual world into online casinos. The development of the global Internet and digital technologies transferred gambling to virtual casinos. A number of sites have already introduced and tested these innovations.

Variety of technologies is great news for both large corporations/institutions and an average consumer. Casinos are the institutions that have received huge benefits due to technological progress.

Security in the land-based casinos: amazing technologies you had no idea about

Nowadays, the mafia has nothing to do with the management of the casino, so security is not associated with the shelling and fractures of the kneecaps. However, a robbery in the style of “Ocean’s Eleven” can pose a threat to customers and casino. Casinos Gclub of the XXI century use many complex technologies to protect themselves and you.

Face recognition

When you enter a land-based casino, your face is scanned by cameras, and a biometric facial recognition system compares you to databases of criminals and players who are not allowed to play. Some of these systems simply save photos, which are later viewed by staff, while some are so advanced that even wigs and a false nose can’t fool them.

Radio frequency identification chips

Some individual tokens, which can be easily and imperceptibly hidden in your hand and put in your pocket, cost more than $25 000. It goes without saying that they need to be protected, and that’s where radio frequency identification technology comes into play.

Expensive tokens (and in some casinos any tokens) have a built-in radio tag that transmits a signal on a unique radio frequency. This not only helps the casinos keep track of valuable tokens, but also allows them to detect the fake ones without even seeing them.


If the players who constantly cheat work together, the casino (and other visitors) can lose a lot of money. Casinos can use the NORA system that scans a huge database containing information about the transactions, known fraudsters, casino employees, etc., to identify interconnections and relationships that may not be so obvious to the person.

NORA will know if two players who win big at the same table went to the university together, or if the dealer and the winning player grew up on the same street.

Online casino security: ensuring the safety of money around the world

Online casino is a relatively new phenomenon, but during its short existence, it has become an influential industry, which is estimated at billions of dollars. With this level of revenue and a large number of players around the world, security technologies of All Rights Reservedshould be first-class.

Random number generator

Random number generators are the basis of a secure online casino. Without a reliable random number generator, either players or the casino itself can use casino games to their advantage. The best and the most reliable online casinos will transparently use the technology of their random number generators.

Banking security

Perhaps the most important factor of online casino reliability is banking security. Online banking segment has changed a lot, and most people use its services. However, if these measures are not followed, online banking may have vulnerabilities. It is the duty of online casinos to make sure that they use a first-class online banking security system to protect the data of thousands of customers and ensure the safety of tens of millions of dollars.

Regulatory and inspection bodies

Who looks after the casino? Dishonest administrators of the institution can distort the work of the random number generator to rob the players. Unfortunately, there are cases when employees of online casinos tried to use players for their own benefit.

That’s when the regulators come into play. To operate legally, online casinos must obtain a license from the regulatory authority. This body will monitor casinos to ensure the integrity from both financial and ethical point of view.

Regulatory and inspection bodies are independent third-party organizations that test casino security (such as random number generator). If something doesn’t meet the requirements, the casino license can be revoked,after which the establishment will close.