The marijuana industry is relatively young in a world of business as it was legalized not so long time ago. It’s growing and attracting investors even more than other sectors. Marijuana sales hit records, and we are now witnesses of a significant number of changes that happen around us.

If we take the US, we will see a growing number of dispensaries where any person can come and buy different products, including a cbd cartridge ( We can also observe how different countries change their views on cbd consumption and let their residents legally purchase these products.

There’s one thing that is the most outstanding in this industry – it’s technology transformation. Let’s have a close look at how it looks like in real life below.

Online Sales Platforms

If you want to buy seeds or ready-made products like the best CBD oil on the market from reliable retailers or sell goods online, sales cloud platforms will come to the rescue. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Weebly are a few popular SaaS (software as a service) platforms.

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They are all good but have different features, admin panels so that every retailer can pick up the most suiting variant. For example, Shopify proved to be one of the most robust platforms in the Canadian market. It can be used for selling weeds for growing at home and products like cbd Juul pods for personal use.

What makes this very platform stand out? It provides all the services and features for fast and easy back-office operations. For example, a retailer can easily see the behavior of each visitor of the site in real-time: session time, currency use, choosing cash or credit cards for payments, and so on. It makes it easier to foresee the pricing policy, the presence of specific products in the sore, and collect typical problems that buyers face.

Shopify looks like a standard online store where people can come, view goods, read descriptions, buy a cbd vape cartridge or oil for tinctures, or anything else. The whole process is the same as in any other online shop.

There’s a critical thing about the Shopify platform – it can let you track the product lifecycle from the moment of cultivating to delivering it to the dispensary. It ensures the highest quality of every item sold.

Cannabis breathalyzers

Driving under the influence of THC may be a risky venture. That’s why technological innovations come to the rescue for such cases. Let’s imagine a situation when a police officer asks the driver to stop and pass a test with the help of a cannabis breathalyzer. It’s the most prominent way to determine if there’s the slightest amount of THC in the blood at the moment.

Why use breathalyzers? If a person takes a cbd oil cartridge containing a bit of THC, the amount of the latter may remain in the blood for a very long time even after the effect of consumption is equal to zero. So the blood test will not be efficient in this case. The use of breathalyzers will give a clear understanding if a driver is impaired in case a cbd vape pen cartridge contained some THC.

LED lights

Light brings life to the weeds that are growing indoors. What we use HPS bulbs that consume a lot of electricity and produce heat around them. LED lights could become a great alternative to them.

To grow hemp, you need to spread light evenly among the weeds to reach the maximum yield. When using HPS bulbs, you can already predict the crop yield. It makes the growers use it even in the era of LED lighting. However, LED lights have a much longer life, and they don’t produce any heat. And this leads to long-term cost savings in case growers learn to adopt their weed growing ways to a new type of light. Now we can’t stat for sure whether a new yield will be better or not.


Before a person gets the best cbd vape cartridge in their hands, there’s a long process of extracting cannabinoids from the plants. The extraction method that we use today is quite expensive, and people have to pay high sums for ready-made products with tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) or cannabidiol (cbd). THC is the thing that will make you high while cbd is used for medical purposes, and it’s usually consumed via cbd pods.

A new way of extracting cannabinoids is called biosynthesis. How does it look like? There are microorganisms that produce yeast strains that create cannabinoids. There are only a few companies that consider this way of extracting to be commercially efficient in a matter of time and costs. They state that this method will let them extract cannabinoids in any weather conditions or climate.

Storage for electricity

It may seem a bit weird, but Tesla can bring innovation to the industry of hemp-growing. You can soon hold a cbd vape pen cartridge that was produced with the help of electricity storage provided by Tesla. We don’t mean the use of self-driving cars in this case, but we are talking about techniques to grow cannabis in the most efficient way.

Electricity is expensive for growing weeds as there should be good lights to have a good yield. HPS bulbs don’t seem to be efficient as they consume too much, and they can make a strain on local electric grids. Tesla company offers growers electricity storage. You may use it when there’s a power outage for a long time – it will come to the rescue. It will let you take care of your weeds the right way.

The Bottom Line

When holding a cbd prefilled cartridge, you may think about its growing, extracting, and production stages. Technology lets us bring formal processes onto a higher and better level. And this enables growers, manufacturers, and retailers to make these processes efficient enough to let consumers buy cbd goods for reasonable prices and get good income as well.

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