January 26th, 2015, San Jose Del Monte, Philippines – Tech Porn wishes to inform everyone that there is a certain person still at large that posses a huge threat in the community, using the name of our good site to harass companies for a sample of their products. The guy, who wouldn’t be named for now for judiciary reasons, have already scammed a good number of IT products, from mousepads, memory modules, and an SSD which is already a ridiculous amount of money.


Evidences showed us – again, cannot be disclosed at the moment, that he is using my name and a bogus email address to harass for samples, even asking the companies to support him on his mod, and to make matters worst he even used a fake company email address to support his wrong doings. e.g. he disguises himself as someone internally from “this” company to have the local representatives send a sample to “this” particular name or address in the Philippines. Another thing worth noting is the fact the he used our recent giveaways as a bait to lure in companies. Rest assured that our giveaways will stay unaffected.

We wish that we could provide more information, but for the benefit of all, we decided to keep the evidences safe from the preying eyes of the scum. The only thing I could disclose at the moment is that he is currently entering, and sadly winning a lot of prizes from giveaways at the moment, and is still acting like nothing happened. Quite saddening I believe, but we have already filed a complaint to the CIDG – Cyber Crime Division, National Bureau of Investigation, and are now cooperating with the authorities to get this retard soon.


Again, Tech Porn is a tech-centric, non profitable website based in the Philippines. For the past 3 years, we have grown from reviewing products that we bought on our own, until we arrived to the point where companies started to trust us a 100% that we could review and test their products. We do not want a single retard to disdain what we have accomplished for a single selfish endeavor.

I.T. companies, please continue to be vigilant, and never entertain someone pretending as Leo Bien Durana with a malicious looking email address. Remember that you can only contact me via [email protected] or at THIS LINK alone.

And to that guy, mahiya ka naman sa asawa at anak mo.