Considering the constantly growing popularity of the online casinos, it is no wonder that many operators have turned to modern technology to make their sites competitive. However, this does not necessarily mean that they would have huge buildings full of equipment, and many specialists working on ingenious programming languages while designing a unique software.

As a matter of fact, most online casinos do not create their own games and software, to begin with. Instead, they typically work with one or various software developers, that provide all games, and occasionally even the casino software. If tech is your kryptonite, and you are eager to learn more details about the technology behind the online casinos, please stay with us and keep reading this article. Meanwhile, shall you wish to try your luck, we have prepared a list of the best online casinos in Philippines at

Online Casino Software – What’s Behind It?

As we have established, online casinos rarely develop any of the games offered on their platforms. Instead, they normally sign partnerships with well-established software developers and buy the games that they have already built. Therefore, you should not be surprised if, for example, you notice that some of the online casinos in the Philippines offer similar games.

Wondering which are the most popular software studio in the gambling industry? To begin with, Playtech is one of the oldest, yet most renowned game developers. They are well-known for their themed slots and jackpots including Superman II, Age of the Gods, and Gladiator.

Meanwhile, NetEnt also stands out with its innovative slots and excellent. Still, most fans of classic casino games turn to Microgaming, as the software studio is well-known for its rich collection of table games. Evolution Gaming, however, has also become popular with its high-quality live casino software.

Tools And Technical Infrastructure – How Are Online Casino Games Developed?

We’ve already mentioned that most online casinos buy their games from renowned software developers, but have you ever wondered how they build them? We’ll give you a hint. It takes much more than a few Photoshop images, and simple CC+ code. As a matter of fact, behind each game, stands a team of experts, specialised in several programming languages, including Photoshop, and Maya.’

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It all starts with a concept and ends with the technical completion of the game. Although there might be various designers involved in the process, most developers rely mostly on the technology to develop the artwork and prepare the software.

The game development is typically handled by special software such as Turbo C++ and Windows SDK, and the design part is usually processed through Photoshop and Maya. The latter is used for the creation of a video, and modelling images. Of course, however, the performance of the final product might also depend on your hardware, and whether it counts with integrated graphics that are good for gaming.

Availability of Significant Data Resources

As you’ve probably figured, most online casinos deal with a massive amount of data. Therefore, in order to function flawlessly, they often spent millions on hostings. The excellent user experience is typically supported by heavy investment in hardware, software, servers, and of course, highly qualified professionals.

What About the Live Online Casinos?

Have you ever wondered what technology facilitates live dealer games? To begin with, most live casinos are ran by external software providers such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech. All live dealer games are normally streamed from a real casino floor, or a fully equipped studio. Therefore, the availability of a high-quality camera is a must.

Most live dealer games are streamed in an HD video quality, which could be adjusted manually by the player. Needless to say, all users must also have CPUs, graphics, and operating systems that can handle HD video. Luckily, most devices nowadays support such technology, and as long as you have a stable internet connection, you should not experience any problems.

All dealers must also have a monitor, which would help them direct the players. On it, they see the game exactly as you do, and can easily give instruction, and check how many players are making bets. We must also mention that while live casinos reciprocate their land-based counterparts, most of its machines and wheels are digitalized to transmit data automatically to the players.

Wondering what is the difference? In contrast to traditional roulette wheels where players and dealers have to physically confirm the results, their digitalized versions automatically send the data to the users. Indubitably, this option allows players to keep a better track of their chosen game. Keep In mind, however, that most of the technology we’ve discussed so far is only relevant to live casinos, and the typical livestreaming equipment is much more simple.

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