There’s got to be a girl with a special place in your heart in a very crowded online hookup platform. You want to get to know her better and take your casual relationship with her to the 3rd base. But how is that possible? Well, you have to get out of the casual relationship’s comfort zone and take a step further by a bit of flirting. Not everything that comes to your mind is an appropriate flirt; these tips will help you:

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Get a grip

No matter how sexy and desirable the girl you want to flirt with is, don’t jump to physical flirtation. This kind of flirting isn’t appropriate and will scare her away, especially at the early stages of the casual relationship. So, instead, make an observation about her bio or something general in her profile picture.

Use humor

For women, a humorous man is the best. Everything you say or do will be a step further for her heart. Humor is a special and effortless kind of filtration. But, if you’re not funny already, please don’t fake it as she’ll definitely understand that you’re not that kind of man, and it’ll make her run away for good.

Praise her personality

A hot body, a pretty face, or an elegant look; aren’t anything that any girl wants to be loved or praised for. On the contrary, a woman wants to be flirted with for who she really is and how she thinks and reacts because these are her real characteristics.

From text to video

No one can express their real feelings clearly by texting, neither you nor the girl. So, it’s okay to have a video call and talk face to face. Then, any flirtation about her smile or appearance will come out spontaneously and smoothly. Furthermore, you’ll get to see her genuine reaction at the moment, not the one that she thinks about thoroughly whenever you send a typed flirtation. By that, you’ll know if she’s happy with such kind of compliments or not.

Send a song

This tip is for those who don’t know how to put flirty words together and can’t express their feelings. Many have already gotten this job done for you and expressed your feelings in a song. So, look for a song that reflects everything you feel about your casual partner, send it to her, and the rest will resolve itself. Try not to go for a dirty song unless you want to look like a weirdo.

Send her a gift

Gifts are one of love’s five languages, and many girls enjoy receiving them. They are a flexible flirtation method as well. A gift can travel from anywhere you’re to wherever your girl is. Get her something physical and meaningful at the same time; she’ll appreciate this gesture.

Flirt by care

A girl is a compassionate creature; a simple gesture or a kind word might get to their heart and make their day. However, flirtation isn’t only about expressing emotions or paying a compliment. Show her that you’re here for her whenever she’s down, and you’ve got her back whenever she’s in trouble. Do that, and she’ll be the one who flirts with you.

Share her interests

What’s the thing that this girl enjoys doing the most, watching series and movies, reading, writing, dancing, or painting? So no matter how much of a loser you’re in such things, make sure to be part of her favorite activity and include yourself in everything she loves.

Move to social media

No matter how detailed a woman’s online hookup profile is, it’s never compared to her Facebook or Instagram account. By following her on other online platforms, you’ll get a clearer picture of this girl. Ask for her account or look by yourself and surprise her with a cute greeting message.

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Respect the red lines

Red lines differ from one girl to another. So, try to figure out your girl’s calls offs before it’s too late. Because crossing one, even if you don’t know, will be the end of a story that hasn’t started yet.


There’s nothing that kind words and gestures can’t do. Just be honest and be yourself, pick the proper words, and do the right thing. Then, consequently, the real girl will appreciate all your attempts and give you a chance you deserve.

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